Remote Tank Level Monitoring

Remote Tank Level Monitoring 

Inventory Management

Improve your inventory management and reduce your operating costs - the use of our Metron range for remote tank level monitoring has been proven to save 24% of deliveries. The Metron range of products can wirelessly send you alarms when your tanks are getting empty or full. The Metrons will interface to a variety of level switches to send alarms from remote locations to you by text message, email and even to your ERP system.

Remote Tank Gauging

The benefits of remote tank gauging and vendor managed inventory aren't just in the operations & logistics departments.

  • Reduced distribution costs
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Longer term & single source supply contracts
  • Fewer panics & run outs
  • Long term production scheduling, helping manufacturing and purchasing

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Remote Tank Level Monitoring Brochure

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LPG Tank Level Monitoring

By remotely monitoring the level in LPG (propane gas) bulk storage tanks then suppliers are able to dramatically reduce their distribution costs. Further benefits include improved customer satisfaction, longer term contracts, lower carbon emissions and fewer panic deliveries.

Money Savings with Tank Level Telemetry

By fitting Metron telemetry devices to your customers storage tanks you can immediately make significant operational cost savings. With 86% of deliveries being inefficient when there is no telemetry then the use of our ease to install devices and flexible data collection solutions can bring this figure down dramatically, saving you money from day 1.

Remote Tank Level Monitoring

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Remote Tank Level Monitoring