Environmental & Water Telemetry

Our expertise in providing telemetry solutions to the water, waste water and environmental is extensive, with nearly 20 years experience.

Applications include the monitoring of reservoirs, pumping stations for both clean and dirty water, remote meter reading including abstraction meters, CSO monitoring, as well as telecontrol for starting and stopping pumps, providing pump inhibit signals and lots more.

Water Telemetry Communication

Our Water Telemetry communication methods cover both wired and wireless, with PSTN & private wire, GSM/GPRS, Licensed and De-licensed radio, ADSL, Ethernet, PROFINET, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, IEC60870-5-104, CANopen, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, BACNet, LON, Modbus, Mewtocol, IEC60870-5-101, and others. Redundant systems can incorporate multiple means of communications so you have a backup.

Water Telemetry Software

We have different Water Telemetry software solutions available including OPC/ODP Software for Windows based SCADA or process control systems, WEB-Server with Internet link to communicate with remote GPRS systems, as well as hosted data collection and presentation options.

Environmental Telemetry Systems

Environmental and Water Telemetry can be combined with telecontrol - with outstations interlinked providing intelligent remote control. This means the infrastructure can be maximised, using pipes for storage for example.

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CSO Monitoring & Sewer Monitoring

In order to monitor Combined Sewer Outfalls (CSO monitoring) Powelectrics have introduced the Metron ATEX.This weatherproof and compact device has datalogging capablities and an integral GSM engine allowing both GPRS and text message (SMS) communications.

Pump Station Monitoring

Powelectrics telemetry systems can easily be deployed in both water and waste water pump stations to monitor site power, pump tripped, high level and loss of echo signals, sending information periodically as well as upon alarm using different types of communication methods to where it is needed.

See our range of flow sensors for pump protection

Reservoir Monitoring

Service reservoirs are often in very remote locations so wire free communication methods make monitoring and control very cost effective. Often power is not available so solutions using battery powered telemetry devices such as the Metron2 are ideal. By linking the telemetry devices on the service reservoirs to the pump station monitoring solutions then control systems can be created that help save power, pumping only when necessary and even pumping when the price of electricity is lower during the night.

Water Network Remote Monitoring

By monitoring and controlling the pressure in a water distribution network it is possible to keep leaks to a minimum. The use of a battery telemetry device, such as the Metron2, coupled with easy to integrate telecontrol devices then solutions can be affordable and reliable.

Environmental & Water Telemetry

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