Tank level telemetry reduces distribution costs

The use of tank level telemetry for inventory managementtank telemetry stops big billshelps to significantly reduce distribution costs.  As the cost of fuel continues to go up, the demands from customers get greater and as competiton increases the need for remote tank level monitoring has never been greater and the benefits are clear. The Metron ATEX for is successfully used for remote tank level monitoring with cost savings being made immediately with 24% fewer deliveries needed.

Tank level telemetry from Powelectrics has ensured:-

The solution has been easy to install, reliable and very affordable. We have available the Metron ATEX for LPG applications, and the Metron2 for chemical, food and other bulk product applications. Both are wireless and can be battery powered.

Over time we have seen the cost of transporting product in bulk increase as the cost of fuel goes up, the cost of drivers, insurance, the working time directive, the increased congestion on the roads and so on. At the same time we have seen the cost of teleMetron2 for remote  tank level monitoringmetry come down which is making the solutions viable, even when the number of deliveries each month, or even each year, are minimal.

Added on to the reduced cost of transportation are the increased benefits to your customer - they no longer have to walk out to the tank and take a reading and they have the added assurance that if they forget to take a reading and reorder, that you are there monitoring things and telling them what they need. This saves having to arrange a delivery in a panic, you can start to schedule things to suit your logistics and your manufacturing and save money.

The Metron ATEX is affordable, reliable and proven. It has a long battery life and low running costs.

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