Radio Modems

18 February 2005
Mitsubishi PLC to PLC communications can now be achieved without wires using the RM9600 radio modems. Bi-directional data transfer, point to point and multi-drop configurations are all possible with the radio modem being configurable for frequency of operation as well as address for additional security. The use of radio modems removes the need for RS-232/485 data cables therefore reducing cost installation and opening up new applications across industrial areas and factories.


Combining the flexibility of radio data transfer with the Mitsubishi Series of PLC's permits the construction of a system with intelligence distributed to plant level, without depending upon cables.

The RM9600 radio modems provide a secure radio data network used for a variety of data transfer applications, including process monitoring and control. The use of radio for such tasks can permit a more cost-effective and flexible solution than with cabled methods.

Any 'A' series or FX 2N series product capable of communicating via the RS232 serial communications port may be used across the radio link. This includes communications between PLC's and PC's running SCADA software applications.

The radio modem incorporates a synthesized UHF transciever approved to MPT1329 for operation in the UK without a licence. Various other approvals are held for worldwide operation. Configuration is via the rotary and DIL switches on the RM9600 which allow a band of up to 64 radio channels to be selected along with the serial interface baud rate, parity and character length.

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