Remote Tank Monitoring

Remote tank monitoring systems from Powelectrics can help your business reduce costs, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction, as well as help the environment.

Our remote tank level monitoring solutions deliver data that provides benefits in many different areas of your business. Our solutions are easy to install & maintain, they are affordable and they will interface into your existing business tools.

Telemetry devices are quicky and easily installed on your customers tanks. Readings are sent wirelessly  and data is delivered for use by your sales and  route planning teams.


Deliveries are optimised meaning costs are saved, that there is less pollution, there are fewer panics and run outs and you have happier customers.

Standard features of our telemetry devices used for tank level monitoring include:

  • Long battery life
  • Low running costs
  • Multiple approvals
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible and low cost communication and data collection solutions
For chemical, oil, food and waste application see the Metron2. For LPG (GPL/Propane Gas) see the Metron ATEX.
 Fit a metron and enjoy the benefits right away

Vendor Managed Inventory

Analysis of our customers' data demonstrates that 86% of deliveries were inefficient before they used  Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), and that by fitting Powelectrics VMI telemetry 24% fewer deliveries are needed. This saves money, improves customer service, reduces CO2 emissions and allows for future expansion. Also see our Remote Inventory Management applications and read about our Chemical Inventory Management.

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Fuel Oil Monitoring

Powelectrics tank level telemetry verifies deliveries, alerts users to sudden drops in level as in the case of fuel theft and much more. 

For larger consumers of heating oil or automotive diesel the increase in the cost of fuel has increased the need to verify that suppliers are invoicing for the correct amount.

For fuel oil distributors it is important to optimise your logistics and at the same time ensure that your customers do not run out product.

The use of Powelectrics remote tank level monitoring solutions helps both parties.

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