Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Our range of Ultrasonic Level Sensors are the most cost-effective choice for monitoring and controlling short- to long-range applications for liquids, slurries, and solids.

Details of our Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Our range of ultrasonic level measurement products are:

Time Vary Threshold (TVT) and Sonic Intelligence ensure optimum performance and makes it possible to use these ultrasonic level sensors in applications where others fail. It is very easy to filter out obstructions, such as ladders and the sensor faces are self cleaning to remove the effects of condensation.

The ultrasonic units include Sonic Intelligence, a patented signal processing technology. providing intelligent processing of echo profiles. The time lapse between firing a sound burst and receiving the return echo is directly proportional to the distance between the transducer and the material in the vessel. This basic principle lies at the heart of the ultrasonic measurement technology and is illustrated in the equation: Distance = (Velocity of Sound x Time)/2.

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Proximity sensors for the food industry

Contrinex has developed a range of rugged inductive proximity sensorsproximity sensors that has been specifically designed for dealing with the hazardous environments found in the food industry.  Although the food handling process itself does not always present an aggressive environment, the cleaning and wash-down routines required to meet hygiene standards usually involve caustic chemicals that can cause severe damage to control sensors.

When a production line is stopped due to failure the in-process products often have to be scrapped and, in many cases, the line has to undergo a time consuming cleaning routine before it can be re-started.  In addition to being extremely expensive, these delays put pressure on production managers to make up quota targets and deadlines after repairs are completed.



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