M2M Communication; Sim Cards

M2M Competence - Telecommunications Cooperation

It is important that your GSM telemetry or M2M solution suits your needs and Powelectrics are pleased to be associated with the worlds leading mobile telecommunications suppliers. This ensures we provide sim cards and connectivity that suit both your application and your budget, whatever your location.

As your M2M project grows then the need to have superior sim card partners becomes more and more important. With close working relationships with Vodafone & Deutsche Telekom, amongst others, Powelectrics can provide you with low cost, secure connectivity.

  Telemetry and the Internet of Things

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Web Based Data Collection for Telemetry

Our Web Based Data Collection applications are available as a hosted service and is primarily used in conjuction with our Metron2 and Metron ATEX telemetry devices. The Metrons send the readings over the mobile phone network to our server and users can view and export their data using a simple web page browser.

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LPG Tank Monitoring System

The Metron ATEX has been proven to save 24% of deliveries, improving efficiencies and driving downmetron atex costs whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction & retention and lowering CO2 emissions.  he Metron ATEX is easily installed without access into the customers property. Long battery life, low cost communications and multi-tank monitoring capabilities make the Metron ATEX the lowest cost solution for remote LPG tank monitoring. Installation is quick and easy and the reliability is high, whilst the flexibility of Powelectrics ensures you get what you need from your tank level telemetry project, with either hosted software solutions or data delivered directly into your server keeping the total lifetime operating costs right down.

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Remote Monitoring System - the Metron2

The Metron2 makes remote monitoring simple and affordable, whatever your application, wherever yourmetron2 location, wherever your equipment is, whatever your industry. The Metron2 interfaces to your sensors, periodically taking readings and transmitting them over the mobile phone network. It can run from an internal battery, a solar cell or an external source of power. The Metron2 can send data and alarms directly to your mobile phone, a hosted data collection service or directly into your computer systems.

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