Automatic Inspection using Optical Sensors

Powelectrics supply a variety of Optical Sensors for Automatic Inspection. Our impressive array of Optical Sensors have the ability to integrate with vision systemslogic controllers and HMI’s

Automatic Inspection using optical sensorsHere at Powelectrics we supply a variety of Optical Sensors for the Automatic Inspection for the Automotive Industry and in particualr for car interiors.

Automotive Industry

Anyone involved with the Automotive Sector will understand the demands placed on any supplier, with quality control being paramount. Being able to automatically inspect assemblies before shipment, ensuring they are the right colour, and all the right parts are in the right place before being released for assembly into the car itself ensures that production is not held up at the really sharp end of the process.

Consider the panel that is on the inside of the door. Is it on the drivers or the passengers side, is the main body fabric or leather, is this black or brown, is the inlay at the top black, silver or walnut, glossy or matt. Powelectrics successfully implement a wide range of laser distance sensors, colour recognition sensors, vision systems & bar code scanners with PLC’s and HMI’s in order to facilitate such solutions.

The Powelectrics Team

This is made possible by the unique skills Powelectrics have within their team. The team have expertise required to identify the most cost effective sensor for these demanding applications coupled with programming skills required to deliver reliable and stable solutions. 

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