Remote Monitoring Solutions in Action

Powelectrics are a sensing & telemetry solution provider who are able to understand your needs as well as the technology, providing the sensors to measure the relevant variable; the hardware to log, control and communicate; the means of communication whether it be over the mobile phone network, the telephone network, radio or even satellite; design, installation, commissioning and other support services; data hosting. Powelectrics can take participate as much or as little as you want within your project.

With experience in many different fields, from intelligent bins to car showrooms, from pub cellars to chemical production plants. Powelectrics understand the need to get cost effective reliable solutions to market quickly and can work with you, developing solutions and systems to meet your specific needs. M2M solution providers are the key to success and taking an end to end approach is the best. Solution providers will understand the application, they will understand your needs and they will understand the technology.

Solar power tank telemetry further optimises bulk product distribution

Powelectics have developed an intelligent charge controller to ensure the battery life and solar charging potential are maximised. If the battery is in poor condition then this intelligent charge controller can bring the battery back to life. It also includes temperature compensation so the charge rate is adjusted according to the temperature of the battery. 

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Bringing automatic inspection to car interiors

The impressive array of sensors for proximitycolour recognition and distance monitoring, coupled with the ability to integrate with vision systems, PLC’s and HMI’s has led to Powelectrics securing regular project work with supplyingautomatic inspection systems checking the assembly of components for cars interiors.

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Turnkey package for instrumentation & control

Powelectrics selected the components and helped with system design, and then built the panel, wrote the plc program and ensured the system was fully operational and tuned to meet the process requirements during the on site commissionig phase.

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Supporting radio telemetry

Versanet is a RADIO TELEMETRY system which utilizes the 458MHz delicensed band to communicate analogue, pulse and digital signals between various locations for monitoring and control purposes. Being delicensed means there is no time consuming paperwork required to get approval for use, and systems can be deployed both quickly and cost telemetry masteffectively. There are no ongoing running costs and many systems are left unmaintained for many years giving trouble free operation.

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Tank level telemetry reduces distribution costs

The use of tank level telemetry for inventory management helps to significantly reduce distribution costs.  As the cost of fuel continues to go up, the demands from customers get greater and as competiton increases the need for remote tank level monitoring has never been greater and the benefits are clear. 

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