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Keele & MCIL, 12 months on

It’s 12 months today since I started on the MCIL course at Keele University and I thought it’d be interesting to reflect following a fantastic and positive experience.. Mercia Centre for Innovation Leadership (MCIL) is a prestigious innovation leadership programme addressing distinctive organisational and leadership challenges for innovation-led, knowledge-intensive businesses. It's part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the England 2014 to 2020 European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) Growth Programme.

I remember it started off with a light-hearted competition to see how close you could get a Post it note and a paper clip to a target about 10 or 15 metres away. Little was I to know how much I’d get to love Post it notes as we soon got into developing business plans based on our strengths, reframing the language we use when presenting the company and learning how to be more innovative. There were also sessions on raising finance, exploiting markets & trends and team building / motivation.

Time is so precious. It would have been easy to put MCIL to one side and focus on day to day challenges, but MCIL enabled me to handle these with newly-honed skills and the confidence. It let me imagine and explore innovative ways to drive the business forward.

When I was invited to become MD of Powelectrics, during the MCIL course, I felt that both the practical management techniques and expert coaching were preparing me well for this next stage in my career. My confidence was well-founded. One year since MCIL began, Powelectrics has really reaped the benefits, achieving significant growth, enjoying a strong order book and sales pipeline and receiving a record number of enquiries. In my 17+ years at Powelectrics I have never felt so confident or optimistic about the future or my own ability to shape it.

I’m grateful to everyone involved. Thank you – I only wish I’d been able to attend MCIL years ago!

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