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Do It Yourself Internet of Things

As we deploy more and sensors and gateways into more diverse applications it is becoming apparent that the users don’t always know what to expect from the data. How does the differential pressure across a filter relate to when the filter needs changing? How does the temperature of a bearing vary with load and what is the impact of wear and tear? By getting data and then analysing so much more can be understood, and it is sometimes possible to use just a few sensors to get a large amount of useful information.

The processes, machines, vehicles, storage tanks or whatever else is being monitored are usally best understood by our clients and giving them the tools to 'play' with their data, investigating relationships, creating bespoke reports from calculated fields, looking at averages, maximums, minimums, comparisons and counts helps them get to a point where they can benefit quicker. To facilitate this we have developed a plug in for Microsoft excel meaning they can have a spreadsheet with ‘live’ and historical data from any number of devices and they can start to build up the formulae and reports themselves. Many users have good skills with excel and are loving the freedom this new tool brings. Thanks to the power of excel then we have been able to create reports, for example, on the number of deliveries made to tanks, the typical delivery size and how this relates to the size of the tank, so the clients can analyse where they can make improvements.

This approach suits small scale roll outs or can be used as a way of defining requirements before committing to a more involved software development. When coupled with the Metron hardware & software platform, which can take signals from any sensor anywhere and make it accessible securely via the internet, then getting reliable, accurate and useable sensor data has never been easier. From sensor to excel, in a proven, easy, flexible and affordable way giving you do it yourself internet of things.