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Industry 4.0

The fourth generation of the industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0 has begun and it's excititng to be at the heart of it. Factories are getting smarter as data from machines enables faults to be predicted and efficiences made. It's important that organisations can benefit from this new technology without risking their existing infrastructure or interrupting production.

First of all mechanisation took place - over 250 years ago the cotton industry was revolutionised as the Spinning Jenny and the Water Frame increased productivity. Electricity then enabled further developments and more recently we saw factory automation and computerisation get introduced. All the time productivity has increased, processes have become more efficient and quality has improved (well... mostly it has improved).

This next phase of industrial revolution, being named Industry 4.0, or manufacturing 4.0 is making factories smarter. It interlaces M2M and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and introduces the need for more data about the machines and processes.

Thanks to Powelectrics it is possible to introduce Industry 4.0 production and make your factory smarter without interfering with existing infrastructure, manufacturing and very often without interrupting production. The benefits are huge and the risks are small. Solutions are proven, easy to deploy and easy to manage thanks to the way we put them together.