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Telemetry, space & time

 Watching ‘Martian’ last night with the wonderful Matt Damon reminded me of when I first heard about telemetry. I was in an instrumentation and communications lecture as part of my degree and we were looking at different modulation techniques. As I was studying Physics it was appropriate to look at relevant examples, and as the place I was studying at had a strong Astro-physics department then getting data back from space probes, rockets and satellites was the subject of the lecture. The telemetry word appears quite a bit in ‘Martian’ and not only was the movie fantastic but it also got me thinking about how telemetry has changed over time. More specifically over the time I’ve been involved with it and none more so though now, with the internet of things (for the industrial internet of things) showing signs of exploding.

Instrumentation and sensing has always fascinated me and no more so than now as the data we are gathering is being chewed and mixed with other data to deliver incredible benefits. Several months ago we introduced a plug in for Microsoft Excel meaning clients could get ‘live’ and historical data from our platform and start to analyse it themselves. They could look for trends and patterns, relationships between parameters across different devices. We see this as an important first stage in implementing an IOT solution.

We are also seeing far more collaboration as we work with more sensor suppliers and more IOT software solution platforms. As the IOT develops we will all need each other, just as Matt Damon needed his fellow astronauts in the end.