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Adventures of a Hi Vis Michelin Woman!

Lovely weather last weekend wasn’t it! Perfect for bike ride eh? As I am in training for the Tour de Manc with its 100 mile route and 9000 feet of ascent, I felt I had to give it a go. The previous week I’d managed 73 miles around the Peak District with 6100 ft of ascent. I was happy that things were finally progressing after weeks of ice, fog, wind and hailstones … and sometimes all of the above at once!

On Saturday I managed 80 miles. So far, so good….. But with 45 mph winds and snow drifts across the Peak District, I had to take the low road. Dressed in as many windproof layers as I could find, I set out through the gently undulating Cheshire countryside. Sadly, in my guise as “Hi-Vis Michelin Woman” I could only achieve 2750 feet of ascent! It doesn’t look much by comparison with the previous week. It’s not getting me any closer to my goal, which is only seven weeks away.

I took heart from the fact that, whilst it looks like a week off training, Strava-mates are not really getting the whole picture. Strava doesn’t show you the 20 mile an hour headwind that I battled for most of the way home. Strava doesn’t show you the snow driving full-on into my face, melting in my eyes, so I could barely see … or the slush and ice patches that I dodged in the final few miles.

Stava can’t show you that I’d be hard-pushed to say which of the two rides represented the greater physical endeavour. Sometimes you have to look beyond the headline figures.

It’s the same with telemetry. People may only look at the hardware cost or maybe at just hardware and data costs. We encourage people to look at the whole picture when comparing systems and see the project from a life-cycle cost perspective. That means considering the ongoing communication costs, ease of installation and typical maintenance costs, ability to withstand tough physical conditions, proven reliability in the field, flexibility of software to deliver the data and alarms needed, technical support offered, ease of branding hardware and software.

At Powelectrics, we offer 25 years’ experience of getting affordable and accurate data from connected sensors. Our solutions are informed by years of close customer contact. Our Metron telemetry hardware is easy to install with a simple wizard. No programming knowledge is needed. Units can also be configured prior to dispatch or remotely via our MetronView data platform. You can reconfigure them without going back to site. Hardware and software are easily branded & customised. Units support thousands of sensor types and accept analogue, digital and pulse inputs. They are proven in extreme weather conditions and can run off mains, battery and solar power. 

We have put a lot of thought into reducing the project life-cost of owning telemetry. If you have any queries, please give us a call on 01827 310 666.

Working Together on Factories of the Future

As a proud Mancunian it was a pleasure for me to attend the Industry 4.0 summit held at the GMEX centre. It seemed very appropriate, with Manchester having been at the centre of the industrial revolution, having the first industrial canal, the first steam passenger railway and being the birthplace of atomic physics, the computer and, more recently, where graphene was first isolated.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the modern factory. Often termed as Industry 4.0, smarter factories will use less energy, require fewer people and have increased throughput. 

There were some highly innovative products being showcased and it was great to meet so many like-minded people. The event reinforced my view that the factories of the future will need affordable and accurate data from connected sensors and that, in order to succeed, us like-minded individuals will need to work together.

There are many different environments and applications. One sensor will not suits all applications. One telemetry device / gateway / hub / router / communications method cannot fulfil every need. Not every platform / portal will give the customer what they need.

We are open to work with others. Powelectrics see ourselves at the heart of the Connected Sensor Community. Let's talk!