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Signalling success with the internet of things

I saw an infographic recently that indicated that the typical cost of sensors within the internet of things was around 60 cents and has made me think what kind sensor can you get for this kind of money? What performance will you get? What is the long term reliability like and how does the sensor drift over time? Also, what signal comes out of these sensors and how is it immune to noise..?

For simple meteorological measurements, such as measuring room temperature, then 60 cents is possible, but this is for a piece of silicon that needs to be embedded onto a circuit board. We’ve recently fitted temperature sensors in the depths of a train to monitor the performance of a heat exchanger used to keep the batteries at the right temperature and I can’t imagine a 60 cent piece of silicon lasting very long or giving decent accuracy over the required temperature range.

When deploying any sensor you need to consider not just the cost but the performance, the mounting, the accuracy and so much more, including the signal. The internet of things industry needs to use the worlds of sensing and instrumentation to ensure they have robust, reliable solutions. I’d love to hear about your applications but please don’t expect to get much for 60 cents..!

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A $1.2 trillion opportunity that needs sensing and automation

The Internet of Things is a $1.2 Trillion opportunity that needs Sensing and Automation.
The world is changing and people are expecting data at their fingertips. If you haven't already heard about the internet of things then search the web and you will soon find out that it's real and that it is going to involve an awful lot of sensors and instrumentation.

We have the technology that gives you quick and easy access to this exciting opportunity. We have affordable & flexible hardware that can communicate wirelessly to hosted servers that enable you and your clients to view data on their computers and smart phones over the internet. Alarms can be sent by email and data integrated into 3rd party software solutions, including Internet of Things (IOT) platforms.

I appreciate there's a long way to go before SCADA systems and such like are replaced, but we are already replacing chart recorders and data loggers, and we are opening up new applications which is increasing the sale of sensors.

I saw a television program the other day where IOT was being deployed in a garden, looking at the soil and even monitoring the activity of bee's (take a look for yourself here). This isn't where we are focussed - we are more to do with the INDUSTRIAL INTERNET OF THINGS - looking at machines, pumps, air conditioning, tank levels, process temperatures and lots lots more. This needs sensors.

To learn more about the Internet of Things click here.

Don't hang abut - get in touch to discuss how we can work together to open up new markets.

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Productivity growth - use technology like ours.....

For those of you outside the UK, we have an election being fought at the moment and one of the main subject is the economy, which is no great surprise.

Within the economic debate a hot topic is productivity which has failed to improve since the recession came along and it is being argued that the UK is no longer one of Europes leaading innovators.You can read more about this by clicking on the image to the right.

Our technology increases productivity, as well as lots of other things, and this was highlighted earlier this week when one of clients explained to me how they have not only DOUBLED the volume of product they deliver each time one of their large tankers makes a trip to site but they ahve also managed to reduce the number of phone calls they are handling to the tune of £28,000 per year.

If you aren't dealing with us already I suggest you drop me an email or pick up the phone and we can discuss how we can save you money and time and enhance your levels of customer service.





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