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Practical understanding leads to advanced architecture

At Powelectrics our solutions have been based on practical understanding and thanks to our application knowledge has led to us having a portfolio that enables us to deploy our solutions into a wide range of industries in many different ways.

By understanding how sensors work and how standard machine interfaces are presented then we are able to quickly and easily get data flowing with limited technical input from our clients. For example, rather than build a telemetry device that with a built in sensor, we can work with any sensor be it cheap or expensive, contact or non contact, ATEX or not, for big tanks or small tanks, underground or overground.The same goes for temperature and pressure and flow and many more parameters.

It doesn't stop there - the flexibility we have extends to how the data is presented, interfaced and delivered. From a quick email alert to customised web site, from excel imports via a macro to a bespoke data feed, or if you have a PC or Mac, a smartphone or a tablet.