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Smaller yet more intelligent sensors

Sensors seem to not only be getting more and more intelligent, but also smaller in size.

When Powelectrics first started selling ultrasonic sensors, the smallest available was an M30 housing. I remember being amazed when the M18 was launched, then the M12. This morning I was informed of the latest in the Disoric range of ultrasonics; an M8 housing.

The M8 sensor has an adjustable range of 20-80mm. A switching output can be programmed NPN or PNP and can be set as normally open or closed. A sensing window can also be programmed via an automatic teach in process. The housing is manufactured from stainless steel.

Contact us for more details regarding this product.

Converging the physical and digital worlds

I have sometimes struggled to describe what we do, usually to people who don't have a technical background and we tend to say 'we take signals from sensors and send them to somewhere they can be of more use'  and go on to give a few examples of what we do and how we do it, such as remote tank level monitoring helping significantly with logistics or checking the temperature of a bearing on train and swending an alert if it gets too warm to prevent breakdown.

A short while ago I read a blog post by Jahangir Mohammed that's about the 'Internet of Things' and within the post he uses the phrase:

 "As the physical and digital worlds converge to produce the Internet of Things"

I wondered if this describes what we do at Powelectrics. I think it does to a certain extent but sometimes we have to expect to give examples, just to make it clearer!

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