(Industrial) Internet of Things Deployment Pays For Itself In 29 Hours!!

I love hearing from customers about how our technology is helping their business. Usually, the benefits of using remote monitoring are well-defined and understood before deployment. However, we are always delighted when our systems exceed efficiency and cost-reduction expectations. Most recently, a new record-breaker was reported to me, which is really so astounding, I had to share it!


Our Metron2 devices had been fitted on trains and were regularly reporting their data to our Metron VIEW platform. The feedback during the installation phase was great, with glowing reports on the ease of installation and usage, particularly the ability to remotely configure devices for the client via our Metron VIEW platform.


Once the data started flowing, the client, analysing that data, soon identified a regular occurrence, which had been happening for around 30 years. It was a situation of poor practice, but no one had previously been aware of it. It had passed under the radar for three decades without any monitoring in place. Managers were aware that this long-standing process was expensive, but without telemetry they had no idea that one element was disproportionately expensive …..and entirely avoidable!


Once highlighted, it was easy to retrain the relevant members of staff. Thus, a project with an excellent payback period, became a project that quite incredibly offered a return on investment in just 29 hours! That is going to take some beating! The solution has been short listed at the Railways Innovation Awards.


This story demonstrates, more than most, how monitoring can identify inefficiencies and lead to dramatic cost reductions even in tried and trusted procedures.