A beautiful equation for everything sensor related in the I.O.T.

I watched ‘The Theory of Everything’ last night. Great film about great people with the lead played by a fantastic actor. Not only did I enjoy it, it also got me thinking whether it would be possible to create a beautifully simple equation that expressed what’s needed to get data from sensors into the Internet of Things.

First we need to understand the variables that need to be used so here’s my list:

Ps  = Power for the sensor

Pc = Power for the communications etc.

S = Scaling

Es = Environmental protection for the sensor

Ec = Environmental protection for the communications etc.

N = Noise immunity (electrical, from RF etc.)

St = Stability of the sensor and the signal processing, including temperature considerations

R = Robustness of the sensors, the power source and everything else

C = Communications, including handling re-tries & external variables and optimising to suit Pc

A = Application understanding

Thanks to hardware such as the Metron2 and middleware such as Metron VIEW we can substitute Ps , S, Ec , part of N & St and all of C with Metron as they handle all these. The rest of N & St get looked after with A so we can remove them. R and Es are handled by A as well.

We are left with:

Metron + Pc + A = Data from sensors

The Metron2 is available in battery, solar or mains powered options so Pc is handled. Powelectrics have 25 years experience with A. So the answer is to come to Powelectrics if you need data from sensors either to be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, or if you want data from sensors into your application.