Are young voters showing us the way forward?

Today is election day here in the UK and the polls predict a very close result. I’m hearing that, as time passes, fewer young people vote and that leads us to question whether internet voting should be introduced as we are becoming a society where a whole generation only engage with something if it’s on a screen / connected to the internet…? Are there issues with internet voting involving security and would internet voting mean you give up your right to confidentiality..? Are young people concerned about this as they are willing to be quite the opposite of this when it comes to anonymity..?

The way data is being consumed by people, especially young people, bodes well for the internet of things, M2M & telemetry. Every day I come across a new application that requires us to send readings from a sensor of some kind or other so that it can be viewed on a computer, smart phone or tablet. I love the way Powelectrics help their clients get solutions up and running so quickly and affordably thanks to their highly flexible hardware and software offerings as well as their vast sensor experience. This data is helping business become more efficient which in turn is leading to economic development and improved quality of life…. Things the politicians are telling us they will provide! I’m pleased to report Powelectrics solutions are far more reliable than Politicians.

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