Clouds, platforms and other IoT / M2M software

What do customers need and want from the M2M and 'internet of things' clouds, platforms and other software solutions, and if you are a provider of such services what do you do..?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s noticing a wide range of software based solutions coming available  for M2M / IoT that vary from fairly rigid and application focussed service based platforms right through to software development kits. Then there are platforms that manage sim cards and I’m sure there are those that claim to do everything you could ever think of. My understanding is that different users will have different skills and different needs. The reports needed for tracking vehicles is completely different to the data interface needed by a vending company wanting to refine their logistic processes. Do you need, or does your solution provide, reports specific to the sector that you work in?

Bruce Kasonoff’s article provokes some thought. Is M2M machine2machine or machine2man? Sometimes it’s machine2machine, sometimes it’s machine2man, and sometimes it’s of course both. And then we can also consider man2machine. If it is machine2machine that how is the data going to be interfaced? I suspect that again depends on the requirement and I would have thought that many requirements, at least initially, will want the data integrated into their existing infrastructure. I’d love to know what you think, need and provide.

I have questioned before whether hosted platforms are for everyone? Will some clients want to have control of their data, especially if the solution becomes critical to business, or of they have security concerns?

My feeling is that the winners as the IoT / M2M sector grows will be those that are able to take a flexible approach, but understand the vertical market and therefore how the data can be used to benefit and how to apply the hardware and other technology that will win.

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