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M2M & Telemetry Momentum

There's no doubt about it, the world of M2M (or machine2machine or telemetry or remote monitoring or whatever you want to call it) is gathering momentum. We're seeing an increase in sales & enquiries of our M2M Telemetry products and it's clear from the buzz around the industry that there's growth in many different remote monitoring sectors.

The networks are becoming more aggressive in both their pricing and their marketing which is of helping fuel the growth, and the module manufacturers are doing their bit too, but what are the other factors..?

M2M Solutions

I see the M2M in two distinct parts - those that want to integrate modules and those that want a more complete solution. To integrate modules you need design development skills as well as time and money, and the networks & module manufacturers have given these kind of users a gentle nudge. Not every M2M application warrants this investment so what are the options for those that want a more "available" solution and how can we help them..?

The solution you need depends on your application but I think the  Metron2 covers quite a few options, with an emphasis on ease of use, flexibility and affordability. It's a solution that can grow with your needs - start with simple texts to your mobile to gain some confidence, then use a hosted solution so you can pay a small monthly fee and view your data on the internet and then finally, when you are ready to take a jump off the high board, integrate your own software platform and interface to your business systems.

This kind of approach speeds up the integration time for M2M, it reduces the risk, lowers the costs and means that you can quickly measure the deliverables and see if the use of M2M fits in with your business.

Is this kind of approach right for you..? Let me know - I'd be interested to have your thoughts.

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