Plug And Play Remote Monitoring

We are all guilty of it.... not reading the instruction manual. I did it yesterday when a new washing machine arrived and predictably I forgot to remove the transit screws. It happens all the time with our customers - we get calls about things that we thought were clearly presented in a fairly brief manual. Units are returned that have been connected to the mains even though it's clear the device operates from 12/24Vdc.

What we all want is plug and play and that's what we've brought you. We have catalogued hundreds if not thousands of sensors from the a wide range of manufacturers and can supply you with a ready to use remote monitoring solution. All you need to do is wire in your sensor and the readings are avalable through a web site and for collection via a simple and well documented API.

It's proven. It's affordable. It's flexible. It's the Industrial Internet of Things Out of a Box.