Tax incentives for the internet of things and M2M (please).

As many M2M and ‘the internet of things’ applications result in less need for travel and therefore pollution, should there not be some tax incentives to help 'the internet of things' along…?

In the UK there’s a way for companies to get tax breaks for investment in various green activities. The ECA scheme includes ‘automatic monitoring and targeting systems’  which are products that are specifically designed to measure energy consumption, record and distribute metered energy data, and analyse and report on energy consumption. This is great though I’d like to see this taken further as a lot of M2M applications  benefit the environment more and would therefore be even worthier of some tax incentives. 

I have considerable experience in remote tank level monitoring which typically saves 30% of deliveries by optimising when the deliveries are made. Fewer miles by the road tankers means less Carbon dioxide being emitted. A quick internet search tells me that heavy trucks typically emit 10,000 Kgs of Carbon dioxide per 10,000 km. If we assume 100,000 km per year then the use of telemetry creates the opportunity to save 30,000 Kgs of Carbon dioxide. Surely tank level monitoring is worthy of the tax break..?

In the UK there’s a smart metering initiative and research indicates that businesses will cut their electricity consumption by between 5 and 15% as a result of using a smart meter. So tank level monitoring offers up to 6 times the benefit of smart metering. It’s not just the environment that benefits from tank level telemetry but fewer vehicles means less congestion, fewer accidents and less wear & tear on the roads.

Nearly every aspect of M2M and the internet of things result in less need to travel. Do you think our governments should be providing some incentives..

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