Who holds the key to the smarter world..?

I’ve just read this post by Jack Mason with great interest. If our lives are going to change as the “internet of things” develops then who or what will make this happen..?

On the technological side of this there are different disciplines involved depending on the requirement  - I have touched on this in a past post and again in  this one. There’s a bit of jostling for position – the module manufacturers are starting to offer connectivity, the software folk see the hardware as just a black box that anyone can make, the telco’s are working hard to glue things together and understand the different technological requirements in the various verticals.

How will the internet of things be structured? Where will all the data go? Who or what will make sense of it all? More thoughts are provoked in this post   . What terminology will be used or the different elements..? The telco’s often use the word ‘platform’ to describe a way of managing sim cards where as to others it’s the data collection element. As an industry we can’t even decide what we want to be called… IOT, M2M, smarter world etc…

The smarter world will only happen if businesses and consumers adopt the technology. In order to do this they need confidence, not confusion and be presented with solutions that make sense to them. Something we seem to be achieving at Powelectrics