Remote Street Lighting Control Systems

Remote street lighting control can now easily and affordably be achieved by combining our control and communication technology. Using telemetry and telecontrol on street lighting facilitates automatic, faster and more flexible switching times based on local requirements. Optimised data collection improves maintenance planning and service for the entire lighting system.

There are no more costly personnel expenses for the monthly reading of power meters at switching points.

Remote Lighting Control Design

The modular design of the remote lighting system allows it to be easily adapted to suit the local requirements. The control components have proven themselves repeatedly in industry and have been used successfully in telecontrol applications for many years.

Statuses and switching commands are transmitted via wireless GPRS mobile data service. Local programmable controllers are configured from a main station, which also monitors their function and statuses. Switching states and messages are saved in an archive with a time stamp. Up to 10 local programmable controllers used at the switching stations are connected to the main station using this easy, readily available communication technology. The system can easily be expanded at any time.

Remote Lighting System Security

An Internet interface allows the person responsible for the system to check the status of the entire remote lighting system or modify specific switching times. Various security measures protect the system from unauthorized access, e.g. multi-level password protection, private IP addresses, virus-proof hardware (not a PC!), etc.

GPRS technology means the local programmable controllers are always online and can therefore immediately send alarms and measurement values in critical situations. Transmission costs are extremely low.

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Telemetry Communications

Flexible, expandable solutions with extensive local and remote connectivity options, capable of both discrete I/O as well as different fieldbus interfaces locally, with wide area communications incorpirating telephone lines, private wires, radio and GSM/GPRS communications. Application areas include water and water water, power plants, traffic control, energy distribution, mobile data communications, building management and factory automation.

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