Sensing and Telemetry by Industry

Powelectrics have built up a wealth of expertise in key Industry Sectors. This industry knowledge is at the heart of our expertise. We work closely with clients to design, develop and implement flexible telemetry monitoring solutions that address the unique needs of that industry. The industries we work with range from the farming industry to chemical works and everything in between. Our vast knowledge of varying industries enables us to be able to advise you of the best technology and software for your specific application. At Powelectrics we are continually working to adapt our products and move our technology forward to meet sector specific telemetry and sensing demands. 

Our Telemetry & Sensing Products are designed to be easy to install with low cost communications, adaptable software options & powerful yet flexible protocols driving down the cost of ownership. Take a look at our sector specific telemetry and sensing application pages below to get more information on your specific business. 

Level Monitoring Remote Environmental Monitoring Remote Fuel Monitoring

Remote Monitoring on Trains Remote Monitoring Factory Automation

LPG/GPL Industry Web Based Data Acquisition Agriculture

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Construction Sensors

Powelectrics sensing and telemetry solutions have a number of applications in the construction industry including the remote measurement of fuel for plant hire equipment such as generators & pumps, the monitoring of chemicals used in concrete production and the remote level measurement of cement in both it's powder and liquid forms. You can even use the Metron2 as a GSM alarm dialler and connect to intruder alarms.

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