Automotive Industry

Here at Powelectrics we offer a wide range of Telemetry Systems suitable for the Automotive Industry; from Colour Sensors, Fork Sensors and Thermal Flow Sensors.

Over the years we have developed a wealth of Telemetry System knowledge within the Automotive Indusrty and work with a wide network of suppliers and partners. We have the resources to fulfil a wide variety of requirements, no matter how challenging.

For more information regarding our Automotive Telemetry Systems see below or contact us direct on 01827 310 666.

Colour Sensors

Our Colour Sensors are ideal for industrial colour measurement and colour identification in wide range of applications including automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, food, plastics & rubber, electronic components plus much more. 

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Laser Distance Sensors

A series of Laser Distance Sensors for a wide variety of applications. Laser sensors, such as laser distance sensors, laser micrometers and laser beam sensors, measure distance and detect objects with high precision without contact.

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Fibre Optic Sensors

Fibre Optic Sensors with rapid response, long range and analogue outputs. In situations where access is restricted but performance cannot be compromised Fibre Optic Sensors offer excellent performance

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Fork Sensors

We are pleased to be able to offer to you the widest range of Fork Sensors and fork light barriers on the market.  Often referred to as slot sensors, they operate as through beam sensors, but with the transmitter, receiver and all the electronics in one robust metal casing for quick and simple installation.   

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Optical Sensors

Our experience ensures you get the best Optical Sensor for your application, whether it be measuring distances, checking profiles, looking at surface thickness, counting objects, edge control, tension control,  the list goes on!

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Proximity Sensors

We have Proximity Sensors and switches available for high temperature use, sensors with analogue outputs, sensors that have been climate proofed sensors with built in self diagnostics and sensors for intrinsically safe applications.

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Thermal Flow Sensors

Thermal Flow Sensors use the calorimetric principle and are suited to a wide range of flow monitoring applications. They are easy to install and independent of temperature and pressure. These thermodynamic flow controllers don't have any moving parts, which means they are robust and resistant to soiling. Controllers for fluids such as water, glycol mixtures or chemicals are avaible, as are sensors for gases such as air and carbon dioxide.

Intrinsically safe sensors based on ATEX for explosive and hazardous areas are also available. Additional variations consist of high temperature sensors up to 160 °C, special sensors made from such materials as Hastelloy, Monel, titanium and tantalum with high resistance to chemicals, and programmable flow sensors with digital displays. The flow controllers are either screwed into the side of the pipe or added to the line itself in the form of inline sensors.

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