Chemicals Industry Sensors

If you distribute industrial, commercial or  agricultural chemicals in bulk, whether they be liquids, solids or gases, then Powelectrics can offer you a solution. The chemcials we can monitor include AdBlue, cryogas, industrial gases, acids, alkalis, detergents, fertilisers and water, food and beverage additives. Our remote tank level monitoring systems are proven to reduce logistics and admin costs, and help win business by improving customer service, improving safety and adressing environmental concerns. Powelectrics connected sensor solutions are easy to install & maintain, reliable, flexible and affordable and they will interface into your existing business tools. We connect thousands of different types of sensors to the internet, allowing you to view data securely through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Powelectrics are an established sensor distributor, offering sensors from over 100 respected international suppliers.

Our remote tank level monitoring solutions for chemical distribution are quicky and easily installed on your customers tanks. Readings are sent wirelessly and data is delivered for use by your sales and route planning teams. Deliveries are optimised meaning costs are saved. Better service is offered to customers as orders can be placed automatically, theft & leakage can be detected and run outs eliminated.
Devices can use external power, internal battery or solar cell, which means they can be completely self-contained for temporary applications or where there is no power available. They offer integral, low-cost GSM/GPRS communications ATEX options and a high frequency of transmission. Devices have multiple inputs, so you can use one device/SIM card to monitor several tanks. Powelectrics have completed many chemical industry tank level projects including AdBlue, biofuels, lubricants, agrochemicals & food & beverage industry additives. Our telemetry devices are compatible with thousands of sensors, from submersible level sensors to ultrasonic sensors and radar sensors to avoid physical contact with agressive chemicals. This flexibility allows Powelectrics tank level telemetry solutions to accommodate any shape or height of tank and any tank content, even powders and granules.

Powelectrics MetronView software enables you to view your level data on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Data can be viewed as tables and graphs and MetronVIEW can also alert you when a defined threshold has been crossed or a state has changed or if a device has not reported in. There is no limit on the number of users and no limit to how much historical data can be stored. Powelectrics can establish multiple levels of data access within a MetronVIEW user's organisation, meaning that individuals or your own customers will only access the data that they are authorised to view. The data is available for you to collect and use in other software systems via our API.

Powelectrics also offer MetronTMS (Tank Monitoring System) software specifically for customers who deliver or collect gases, liquids, powders or granules from their customers' tanks in bulk. MetronTMS connects tank level sensors to the internet, via our Metron2 and MetronATEX telemetry devices allowing you to view data securely on a computer, tablet or smartphone. MetronTMS can be used as part of an integrated order processing and logistics planning process, proven to reduce logistics and admin costs and help win business by enhancing customer service, improving safety and addressing environmental concerns.

Both systems are compatible with many telemetry systems to suit diesel, petrol, home heating oil, kerosene, biofuels, lubricants, chemicals (including AdBlue & AgroChemicals), waste, fertilisers, foodstuffs including milk and animal feeds.
  • View data securely online using our web based platform.
  • Receive alarms when tanks are getting empty.
  • Increase delivery volumes and reduce part load returns - more efficient logisitics.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Initiate proactive delivery scheduling.
  • Detect theft and leaks.
  • Provide an audit trail.
  • A colour coded mapping system - see what tanks need filling and where they are. 
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Supply Chain Improvements in the Chemical Industry

Vendor managed inventory (VMI) is a well-established practice in the Chemical Industry. Chemical Inventory Management relieves customers of the need to place orders in the conventional manner and puts the onus on chemical suppliers to replenish customers’ supplies within agreed limits

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Remote Tank Level Monitoring

If you distribute or collect gases, liquids, powders or granules in bulk, then Powelectrics can offer you a remote monitoring solution. Our tank level monitoring projects include fuel oil, biofuels, AdBlue, lubricants, coolants, cryogas, LPG, waste products, chemicals including water additives, agrochemicals, animal feeds, food and beverages. We offer bespoke solutions for environments with an explosive atmosphere (ATEX).
    View data securely online using our web based platform.
    Receive alarms when tanks are getting empty or full.
    Increase delivery or collection volumes and reduce part load returns.
    Improved customer service.
    Initiate proactive delivery or collection scheduling.
    Detect theft and leaks.
    Provide an audit trail for trend analysis and invoice verification.
    A colour coded mapping system - see what tanks need filling or emptying and their location.

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Level Sensors

Powelectrics offer a variety of different Level Sensors and solutions for liquids, solids, slurries and interfaces. The product rangle includes level sensors and level switches covering a range of technologies. We are experts in remote level monitoring allowing you to view the level readings via the internet using a web browser, to pull data via our API and receive alarms.

We offer both contact and non-contact devices for safe area and ATEX / hazardous applications.As well as remote monitoring solutions we can also provide you with local displays (gauges) and alarms.

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Thermal Flow Sensors

Thermal Flow Sensors use the calorimetric principle and are suited to a wide range of flow monitoring applications. They are easy to install and independent of temperature and pressure. These thermodynamic flow controllers don't have any moving parts, which means they are robust and resistant to soiling. Controllers for fluids such as water, glycol mixtures or chemicals are avaible, as are sensors for gases such as air and carbon dioxide.

Intrinsically safe sensors based on ATEX for explosive and hazardous areas are also available. Additional variations consist of high temperature sensors up to 160 °C, special sensors made from such materials as Hastelloy, Monel, titanium and tantalum with high resistance to chemicals, and programmable flow sensors with digital displays. The flow controllers are either screwed into the side of the pipe or added to the line itself in the form of inline sensors.

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Automatic Meter Reading

Powelectrics offer simple, low-maintenance, cost-effective connected sensor solutions for fair, accurate meter reading and billing and to identify and reduce wastage. In addition to our award winning GSM telemetry, Powelectrics now offer radio telemetry for metering gas, water and electricity in shared spaces such as factories, retail parks and apartments and in leisure environments, such as caravan parks. Radio transmitters take readings from your meters and send them to a hub, which  forwards them over the GSM (mobile phone) network and makes the data available securely via the internet.

Near real time and historical data regarding the consumption of electricity, gas and water allows for accurate billing mechanisms and trend analysis to help manage energy consumption and identify unauthorised use of resources, leakage and waste. For example, in a caravan park, guests can be charged fairly for the resources they actually use, rather than the traditional fixed charge. Guests understand that they will be liable for their personal usage of water, gas and electricity, which should ensure that they only use the resources that they need. This benefits the park management, the guest and the environment.

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