Factory Automation & Process Control

We can make your factory SMARTER, bringing you the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. By monitoring the state of machines and moving parts, as well automating processes, using industrial technologies factories are able to become more efficient with less down time. Industry 4.0 production enables you to keep ahead of your competitors and with our proven technology, you can start benefitting immediately.

Industry 4.0 is a production method which encompasses technology to make processes smarter, faster and more efficient. Using connected sensors you can instantly monitor and take action when it matters. The technology can also alert you so you can be fully aware 24 hours a day.  

Over the generations we have developed a wealth of Factory Automation & Process Control System knowledge with many proven manufacturer Industry 4.0 deployments. Powelectrics partner with a wide network of over 100 sensor suppliers and have the resources to fulfil a wide variety of Factory Automation & Process Control requirements. From 

detecting the presence of a label to the colour of a bottle top, from the level of a chemical in a tank to the temperature of a gearbox, Powelectrics can help you find the right sensor and solution for your application.

Whether you need sensors for flow, level, temperature, pressure, humidity, proximity, colour, distance and more, Powelectrics have the solution, offering expertise in products from over 100 quality sensor manufacturers to ensure you get the best solution and value.

We can provide connected sensor solutions via our telemetry platform, Metron VIEW, and sensors for the industrial internet of things. You can receive alarms from sensors directly to your mobile phone and we can provide you with web based data acquisition systems so you can view sensor data securely from your computer, your tablet or your Smartphone. We can provide connected sensor data into 3rd party software applications. When it comes to connecting sensors to the internet of things & bringing Industry 4.0 to life, Powelectrics is the place to come.

For further information or to discuss your factory automation applications, call us on +44 (0)1827 310 666, use this contact form or send us an email - sales@powelectrics.co.uk

Packaging Industry

Over the years we have developed a wealth of Telemetry System knowledge within the Packaging Indusrty and work with a wide network of suppliers and partners. We have the resources to fulfil a wide variety of requirements, no matter how challenging.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Here at Powelectrics we offer a wide range of Telemetry Systems suitable for the Pharmaceutical Industry; from Colour Sensors, Thermal Flow Sensors and Laser Distance Sensors. 

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Automotive Industry

Over the years we have developed a wealth of Telemetry System knowledge within the Automotive Indusrty and work with a wide network of suppliers and partners. We have the resources to fulfil a wide variety of requirements, no matter how challenging.

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Remote Condition Monitoring using Industry 4.0

Powelectrics connected sensor solutions for remote condition monitoring (RCM) benefit many industries by giving early warning of equipment failure. We bring you the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0 helping factories get smart improving reliabiluty & productivity.
Remote monitoring and 4.0 production can prevent costly stoppages by identifying the need for maintenance before a breakdown occurs. This value added sevice can be used to retain and win business by offering enhanced service levels and assurances that critical assets will not break down, with the typical consequences of expensive emergency remedial work, lost production time, disappointed customers, penalties or worse.
Powelectrics telemetry solutions can connect thousands of different types of sensors to the internet, giving you secure web based data access through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone and they can be used to alert you, when a defined threshold has been crossed or a state has changed. Our condition monitoring solutions are used in many applications, including monitoring security scanning equipment, agricultural machinery, generators and pumping stations to log regular data or to alert you if there was a loss of power, a pump had tripped or levels were too high. Our web based data and alarming capabilties are used increasingly to protect personal property, public safety and the environment in flood defence and the removal of hazardous material in a broad range of environments.

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Optical Sensors

Our experience ensures you get the best Optical Sensor for your application, whether it be measuring distances, checking profiles, looking at surface thickness, counting objects, edge control, tension control,  the list goes on!

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Proximity Sensors

We have Proximity Sensors and switches available for high temperature use, sensors with analogue outputs, sensors that have been climate proofed sensors with built in self diagnostics and sensors for intrinsically safe applications.

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Flow Sensors

Powelectrics offer a wide range of flow sensors and flow meters. Flow Sensors are available for liquids, gases and ATEX applications.

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Automatic Meter Reading

Powelectrics offer simple, low-maintenance, cost-effective connected sensor solutions for fair, accurate meter reading and billing and to identify and reduce wastage. In addition to our award winning GSM telemetry, Powelectrics now offer radio telemetry for metering gas, water and electricity in shared spaces such as factories, retail parks and apartments and in leisure environments, such as caravan parks. Radio transmitters take readings from your meters and send them to a hub, which  forwards them over the GSM (mobile phone) network and makes the data available securely via the internet.

Near real time and historical data regarding the consumption of electricity, gas and water allows for accurate billing mechanisms and trend analysis to help manage energy consumption and identify unauthorised use of resources, leakage and waste. For example, in a caravan park, guests can be charged fairly for the resources they actually use, rather than the traditional fixed charge. Guests understand that they will be liable for their personal usage of water, gas and electricity, which should ensure that they only use the resources that they need. This benefits the park management, the guest and the environment.

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Automatic Inspection using Optical Sensors

Powelectrics supply a variety of Optical Sensors for Automatic Inspection. Our impressive array of Optical Sensors have the ability to integrate with vision systems, logic controllers and HMI’s

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