Waste Collection Sensors

If you collect waste oil, human waste, or process by-product in bulk, Powelectrics remote tank level monitoring systems are proven to reduce logistics and admin costs, and help win & retain business by enhancing customer service and safety by preventing spillage due to overfilling and protecting the environment. Our remote tank level monitoring solutions for waste collection are easy to install & maintain, they are affordable and they will interface into your existing business tools. We can connect your level sensors to the internet so you can view the data securely through a simple web browser, bringing you the industrial internet of things at the click of a mouse.

Telemetry devices are quicky and easily installed on your customers tanks. Readings are sent wirelessly and data is delivered for use by your sales and route planning teams. Deliveries are optimised meaning costs are saved, that there is less pollution, there are fewer panics and overspills and you have happier customers. We can even detect if one of your competitors has made a collection from a contracted client of yours.

Devices can use external power, internal battery or solar cell, which means they can be completely self-contained for temporary applications or where there is no power available. They offer integral, low-cost GSM/GPRS communications ATEX options and a high frequency of transmission. Devices have multiple inputs, so you can use one device/SIM card to monitor several tanks. Our telemetry can be used with many kinds of sensor to accommodate any shape or height of tank – gas, liquids…even powders and granules.

Powelectrics MetronView software enables you to view your level data on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Data can be viewed as tables and graphs and MetronVIEW can also alert you when a defined threshold has been crossed or a state has changed or if a device has not reported in. There is no limit on the number of users and no limit to how much historical data can be stored. Powelectrics can establish multiple levels of data access within a MetronVIEW user's organisation, meaning that individuals or your own customers will only access the data that they are authorised to view. The data is available for you to collect and use in other software systems via our API.

Powelectrics also offer MetronTMS (Tank Monitoring System) software specifically for customers who deliver or collect gases, liquids, powders or granules from their customers' tanks in bulk. MetronTMS connects tank level sensors to the internet, via our Metron2 and MetronATEX telemetry devices allowing you to view data securely on a computer, tablet or smartphone. MetronTMS can be used as part of an integrated order processing and logistics planning process, proven to reduce logistics and admin costs and help win business by enhancing customer service, improving safety and addressing environmental concerns.

 For futher information or to discuss your monitoring requirements for waste call us on 01827 310 666, use this contact form or send us an email - sales@powelectrics.co.uk