Flood Monitoring, Protection and Alerts

Flood Monitoring, Protection and Alerts

With the increasing number of 'extreme weather events' around the world, Powelectrics have delivered and been part of an increasing number of remote flood monitoring, flood protection and flood alert solutions, Whether you are part of a community concerned for your homes and families, or a business that needs to protect people, property and processes, an early warning of rising water levels can give you precious time to take action!


Powelectrics offer you 30 years' experience in sensing, instrumentation and communications.

There are several news stories describing projects we have delivered involving river level monitoring and flood protection. For the general news section, please click here. There are also some specific application cases below. Click to read the stories:

Our Metron4 telemetry can be solar-powered and completely independent of any external power, to send regular level data to unlimited recipients, available on any web-enabled device and alert you when user-defined high-level thresholds are crossed.

Powelectrics IoT technology is reliable, affordable and well-proven. Flood Monitoring, Protection and Alerts

Telemetry devices are afforable, easily installed and can report data from up to four sensors. You may only need to know level, but you could also measure temperature, wind speed, humidity, pH or many other things with the same device and sim card.

Data and alerts are sent wirelessly to unlimited authorised users, wherever they have web access... to smart devices, laptops, desktops.

For more information on our robust and reliable Metron4 range of telemetry devices click here.

Flood Monitoring, Protection and Alerts

Hydrostatic level sensors measure the pressure the liquid is pushing down with and compensate for changes in atmospheric pressure.For more information on our rugged, affordable range of SPS level sensors, click here.



Flood Monitoring, Protection and AlertsMetronView is Powelectrics standalone cloud, with customisable dashboards, reporting & alarms. It is a highly secure and scalable IoT solution, processing millions of readings daily and offers an API, so data can be collected by other data platforms. More here.

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