LPG Tank Level Monitoring

By using one of our LPG Tank Level Monitoring systems and remotely monitoring the level in LPG (propane gas) bulk storage tanks suppliers are able to dramatically reduce their distribution costsFurther benefits include improved customer satisfaction, longer term contracts, lower carbon emissions and fewer panic deliveries.

The Metron ATEX is fully approved and suitable for use in the LPG sector, with approvals for use in potentially explosive environments.

The Metron ATEX has been proven to save 24% of deliveries, improving efficiencies and driving down costs whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction & retention and lowering CO2 emissions.

The Metron ATEX is easily installed without access into the customers property. Long battery life, low cost communications and multi-tank monitoring capabilities make the Metron ATEX the lowest cost solution for remote LPG tank monitoring.

Installation is quick and easy and the reliability is high, whilst the flexibility of Powelectrics ensures you get what you need from your tank level telemetry project.

LPG Tank Level Monitoring
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LPG Tank Level Monitoring


Data is transmitted wirelessly and we offer a range of solutions for collecting and presenting the tank level readings to you. We can give you full control, or we can offer you a managed service, or even something in between.

Why use Telemetry Systems?

So, why has telemetry become so viable? Well, we've seen advancements in electronics and mobile phones so we can now utilise this technology as a means of communication. There's no need to get a phone line fitted near the tank, you have complete control and the hardware solution is less in cost. Thanks to innovative companies such as Powelectrics, the world of GSM Telemetry has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, reliability has improved and other application areas have latched onto it so there has been some decent investment in the technology and the economies of scale have kicked in.

By using the mobile phone network installation can be completed without access into the customers house to connect to the phone line. There’s no need for the customer to be at home while the installation takes place and the customer can’t inadvertently unplug the phone line and stop the telemetry from working.

Metron Atex Solution

The METRON ATEX is a class leading solution. Installation is quick and easy, with no intrusion into the customer’s property. The multi channel unit can monitor up to 6 tanks hich helps keep costs down on commercial installations where multiple tanks are commonplace.

One important feature is battery performance. The Powelectrics METRON ATEX typically has a 3 year battery life with 1 transmission every day. The quickest payback is on industrial applications where predicting the consumption is difficult, so daily transmissions make or a much better solution.

Why use Powelectrics?

Powelectrics have delivered a solution that is reliable, affordable and fit for purpose. We have supplied the sensors that fit on the tanks, the telemetry hardware, the sim cards and the data collection and hosting service - the clients simply log onto the internet and get told where to go and fill.

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LPG Tank Monitoring System

The Metron ATEX LPG Tank Monitoring System has been proven to save 24% of deliveries, improving efficiencies and driving down costs whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction & retention and lowering CO2 emissions.  

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