Remote Process Monitoring

Our expertise in providing Remote Process Monitoring systems is extensive, with nearly 20 years experience.

Communication method for our Remote Process Monitoring systems cover both wired and wireless, with PSTN & private wire, GSM/GPRS, Licensed and De-licensed radio, ADSL, Ethernet, PROFINET, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, IEC60870-5-104, CANopen, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, BACNet, LON, Modbus, Mewtocol, IEC60870-5-101, and others. Redundant systems can incorporate multiple means of communications so you have a backup.

Remote Process Monitoring Solutions

We have different software solutions available for our Remote Process Monitoring systems including OPC/ODP Software for Windows based SCADA or process control systems, WEB-Server with Internet link to communicate with remote GPRS systems, as well as hosted data collection and presentation options.

Process Monitoring Systems

Process monitoring systems can be battery powered, solar powered, wind powered or from mains power source. Equipment can vary from simple gsm alarm diallers to complex communication networks interfacing to existing PLC's and SCADA systems handling hundreds if not thousands of I/O points.

Telemetry can be combined with telecontrol - with outstations interlinked providing intelligent remote control.

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GSM Remote Telemetry Units

Bring the world closer with the Metron range of affordable and flexible remote telemetry units (RTU's). The Metron range of wirefree telemetry devices interface to sensors and alarms and send readings and alerts over the mobile phone network to your mobile phone or your computer.

These innovative yet proven products enable you to quickly and easily address a range of remote monitoring and alarming applications with configurable inputs, wire free, low cost, flexible communications and a range of power supply options including long life integral batteries & solar cells.

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