Solar PV Monitoring

Telemetry can be used to remotely monitor photovoltaic systems (solar PV monitoring), gathering information from electricity meters and environmental sensors, such as sunlight and temperature.

Our Solar PV Monitoring systems enable you to monitor, collect and analyse data from your solar systems in real time, so you can maintain the systems more efficiently.

Solar PV Monitoring Software

The best solution depends on your installation and your circumstances. For fairly simple data collection requirements you can use our Metron2 product, but if you need something more sophisticated then the FP series telemetry and telecontrol devices will give you what you need.

There are options available for data collection and presentation including web based hosted services, API's with ERP interfaces, simple browser based SCADA systems and integration into existing SCADA systems.

Solutions can also be provided that can remotely switch off the Solar PV system. 

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Data Acquisition Systems

Our Data Acquisition Systems are designed to suit you, providing you with a practical and affordable telemetry solution that can fit in with your business needs. We can offer a complete package or simple data transfer systems that give you the power & control to manage your telemetry yourself.

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Metron2 Remote Monitoring System

The Metron2 Remote Monitoring System makes remote monitoring simple and affordable, whatever your application, wherever your location, wherever your equipment is, whatever your industry. The Metron2 Remote Monitoring System interfaces to your sensors, periodically taking readings and transmitting them over the mobile phone network.

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