Tank Level Telemetry

Money Savings with Tank Level Telemetry

By fitting Tank Level Telemetry devices to your customers storage tanks you can immediately make significant operational cost savings. With 86% of deliveries being inefficient  our easy to install Tank Level Telemetry solutions can save you money from day one

When you know what is in your customers tank you can be sure to fill the tank up when it's nearing empty so you can minimise the number of deliveries you need to make. You are no longer reliant on the customer phoning you up, often in a panic because they have run out of the product you deliver to them.

Tank Level Telemetry Comparison

Here we have a comparison of tank levels when telemetry is fitted to when telemetry isn't fitted.

It is very clear to see that the blue line takes on a profile where the tank level is mainly between 10 and 20% when there is telemetry fitted. The tanks where there is no telemetry are often filled when the tank is still over half full.

For more information regarding our Tank Level Telemetry systems contact us direct on 01827 310 666 or fill out our online enquiry form and we'll get back to you. 

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