Sensing and Telemetry News

05 Sep 2019

Powelectrics Are Delighted to Launch their New Metron4 IoT Telemetry Device!

Meet Powelectrics brand new Metron4! The Metron4 delivers truly innovative Industry 4.0 hardware. It supports 2G, but also 4G (CatM1 & NB1) and hugely expands Powelectrics capacity for edge processing and interfacing with third party kit within the Metron solution. With solar, battery and external power options, compact IP67 enclosure and operational temperatures - 25 to +65°C, Metron4 is an ideal sensor gateway in a vast range of global environments and applications!

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30 Aug 2019

Powelectrics Deliver an Industry 4.0 Energy Metering Solution Using Enless Sigfox Technology

‘Connected Sensor’ specialists, Powelectrics, have delivered an Industry 4.0 energy metering solution to a large film and TV studio in the UK using Enless Sigfox technology. The Sigfox network now covers 90% of the UK population and Powelectrics have fully integrated a range of Sigfox hardware into their MetronView cloud

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28 Aug 2019

Oh Yes She Can! Powelectrics New Sales Engineer Jen Is Ready for Action!!

We are delighted to welcome Jen Mortiboy to the Powelectrics team! Jen joins us as an Internal Sales Engineer, having recently graduated from Leeds University and Pareto Law’s prestigious graduate selection process. Learn more about our adventurous thespian here. 

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22 Aug 2019

Great News! Sigfox Expands To Cover 90% of UK Population!!

Great news! The rapid expansion of the UK Sigfox network has continued at pace! In August 2019, the UK network reached over 1800 base stations, covering an amazing 90% of the UK population! This is planned to increase to 2000 base stations, with 95% coverage by the end of 2019!! Powelectrics are an official Sigfox partner, offering a range of Sigfox devices, fully integrated to our MetronView Cloud.

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16 Aug 2019

Powelectrics Proudly Feature In Speedy Case Study Using IoT To Achieve Low Emissions on Costain-Skanska Crossrail Rail Project

Powelectrics Industry4.0 technology helps Speedy generators support London's 'Low Emission Zone' and meet environmentally-friendly NRMM guidelines (Non-Road Mobile Machinery). Speedy’s innovative approach involves installing generators with diesel particulate filters, supported by Speedy’s Managed Service Solution. Powelectrics m2m telemetry monitors fuel level in tanks to maintain a reliable supply of 100% polished fuel.

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13 Aug 2019

Meet Powelectrics New Finance Administrator …This Jack is Most Certainly Not a Dull Boy!

This Jack is certainly not a dull boy! Powelectrics are delighted to welcome Jack Walker, who comes with a Masters in Finance & Administration from @Derby University. He’ll support our Financial Controller, look after Health & Safety, installations and sourcing components for our many custom solutions …. And he has a rather eclectic mix of leisure activities!!!

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05 Aug 2019

Ayton Select Powelectrics As Their Telemetry Partner for Their Automated IoT Gas Management System

Powelectrics are delighted to have been selected as IoT telemetry partner for Ayton Gas Management. This collaboration, using the latest Industry 4.0 technologies, has resulted in a more automated, less labour intensive, safer and more reliable method for storing and ordering industrial gases.

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26 Jul 2019

A Mid-Year Update with Powelectrics MD, Dave Oakes

It’s been another exciting few months at Powelectrics, so we thought it was time to catch up with Dave! Here, he updates us on a whirlwind of seminars, exhibitions, new team members, international partners, communication networks and product development …and somehow manages to reference Manchester City …again!

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12 Jul 2019

Powelectrics Were Riding High at the Inaugural ‘Rolling Stock Networking’ at Derby Velodrome

This week Powelectrics were proud to exhibit at the inaugural Rolling Stock Networking event this week! This brand new rail show offered 130 exhibitors from the UK, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Sweden & the US covering a broad range of innovative technologies for freight and passenger rolling stock and eight industry speakers.

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