Sensing and Telemetry News

13 Nov 2018

Powelectrics Deliver River Level Monitoring To Help Environmental Business Store Chemicals Safely & Protect Local Ecology In Case of Flood

A Powelectrics ‘connected sensor’ solution has been installed to help a riverside business protect the local ecology in the event of a flood. Our customer stores chemicals on a site adjacent to the River Sett in Derbyshire. The Environment Agency identified that there was a risk to local flora and fauna if there was a flood, so they needed a solution to actively monitor water levels.


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07 Nov 2018

Powelectrics Connected Sensor Solutions Offer Control as Well as Monitoring

Powelectrics award-winning range of Metron2 telemetry devices can be used for control as well as monitoring. Many Industry 4.0 solutions we deliver are primarily for the purpose of monitoring key processes and providing alerts when specific events occur. However, it is also common for our customers to use Metron2-based M2M solutions for on/off control.  A great example is using relay control to manage pump activity.

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02 Nov 2018

Powelectrics M2M Solution Ensures Sewage Gets Pumped, so Sports Centre Customers Can Get Their Iron Pumped!

Powelectrics has provided a ‘connected sensor’ solution to monitor and control the sewage pumping station of a large sports complex. The site is in constant use & pump failure could lead to closure, depriving fitness enthusiasts and party goers of their facilities until a clean-up is arranged.

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30 Oct 2018

Bomac Electric Select Powelectrics As Their Telemetry Partner for Their Groundbreaking Automated Oil Management System

Powelectrics have partnered with Bomac Electric to develop a unique modular automated oil management system. This IoT solution enables fast food outlets, food manufacturers and other users of oils and fats to monitor oil usage, minimise manual handling and reduce environmental risk. This photo shows Bomac’s Technical Director, Richard Bowen with their 850 litre indoor containment tank complete with the Metron2 IoT solution and connected ancillaries.

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25 Oct 2018

Introducing Lettie - Cable Cutter, Calibrator and Powelectrics Quality Queen!

Many of our customers are in regular contact with the Powelectrics Sales Team, Office Team and Tech Support. What about the backstage crew??  Most people never meet the Production Team … the unsung heroes who snip and clip, inspect and assemble behind the scenes! Please allow us to introduce Lettie..

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24 Oct 2018

Powelectrics M2M Solution Helps Spare Locals from Sewer Stinks and Methane Menace

Powelectrics have delivered several projects for a major supplier of oil industry and environmental services aimed at making businesses more resilient to unexpected events. This sewage plant project connects sensors to the cloud, enabling critical data and alarms to be delivered and timely action to be taken in case of gas emissions.

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