News articles from October 2018

30 Oct 2018

Bomac Electric Select Powelectrics As Their Telemetry Partner for Their Groundbreaking Automated Oil Management System

Powelectrics have partnered with Bomac Electric to develop a unique modular automated oil management system. This IoT solution enables fast food outlets, food manufacturers and other users of oils and fats to monitor oil usage, minimise manual handling and reduce environmental risk. This photo shows Bomac’s Technical Director, Richard Bowen with their 850 litre indoor containment tank complete with the Metron2 IoT solution and connected ancillaries.

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25 Oct 2018

Introducing Lettie - Cable Cutter, Calibrator and Powelectrics Quality Queen!

Many of our customers are in regular contact with the Powelectrics Sales Team, Office Team and Tech Support. What about the backstage crew??  Most people never meet the Production Team … the unsung heroes who snip and clip, inspect and assemble behind the scenes! Please allow us to introduce Lettie..

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24 Oct 2018

Powelectrics M2M Solution Helps Spare Locals from Sewer Stinks and Methane Menace

Powelectrics have delivered several projects for a major supplier of oil industry and environmental services aimed at making businesses more resilient to unexpected events. This sewage plant project connects sensors to the cloud, enabling critical data and alarms to be delivered and timely action to be taken in case of gas emissions.

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16 Oct 2018

Powelectrics 'Connected Sensor' Solution Helps Keep Trains On Track for Longer By Monitoring & Controlling Grease Applicators

Powelectrics are working with an international manufacturer of products that enhance industrial asset longevity. We monitor and control lubrication applicators, which apply grease to railway tracks, to reduce friction-related wear and tear, especially near curves on the line.

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10 Oct 2018

Getting Clean Is A Dirty Business! A Powelectrics ‘Connected Sensor’ Solution is Helping Manage Hazardous Waste at a Hygiene Products Manufacturing Plant.

Powelectrics have delivered a number of projects for a fast-growing hazardous waste business. Our customer uses remote tank level monitoring to drive down costs via cost-effective collection scheduling. They also win business by assuring customers that they will not overfill, with all the messy and expensive consequences that would result from that. 

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03 Oct 2018

Powelectrics Celebrate a Great Q3 With A Night Out In Birmingham!

Powelectrics are delighted to announce a third great quarter for 2018 and as a huge thank you to our excellent team, the company have been out to celebrate!

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01 Oct 2018

Powelectrics IoT Middleware Enables Leachate Management on Landfill Sites

Powelectrics connected sensor technology is being used in a wide range of environmental applications, from waste oil collection and energy metering to flood monitoring. One area of growing interest is leachate management on landfill sites. This project enables leachate liners to be emptied automatically and landfill management can respond immediately if the pump appears to have failed, avoiding the environmental consequences of an overspill.

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