News articles from April 2019

29 Apr 2019

Rags To Riches! Powelectrics Industry 4.0 Solution Installed to Help Recycle Unwanted Clothing

Powelectrics have delivered a connected sensor solution to a customer who recycles waste cloths and leathers into brand new, usable products. This process creates waste products of its own and our IoT solution help ensure it is collected in a timely manner. Waste should never spill over, production is uninterrupted and collections are scheduled to minimise disruption.

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24 Apr 2019

Come and See Powelectrics Latest IoT wireless sensor network for Rail Technology at RailLive on 19-20 June

IoT for Rail TechnologyPowelectrics are delighted to have been selected to demonstrate our IoT technology at Porterbrook’s pioneering Innovation Hub, which will be launched at RailLive in June!  We are creating a wireless sensor network, monitoring various parameters across the train. We will use the latest LPWAN technologies such as Sigfox to demonstrate how remote condition monitoring & reliable sensor data can provide knowledge to improve reliability, performance & comfort.

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17 Apr 2019

Powelectrics Deliver Data to Deter Diesel Deprivation at Distribution Depots

Powelectrics work with many environmental businesses, in projects ranging from waste collection and reservoir monitoring to water level management for wildlife habitat creation and sewage pumping. For this Industry 4.0 ‘solution, our customer is a UK supplier of environmental services and their client is a major retail chain with thousands of stores and several enormous distribution depots in strategic locations. Branded vehicles fuel up from huge tanks on the depots. Our IoT ensures they receive timely deliveries and protects them from fuel theft.

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09 Apr 2019

Powelectrics Industry 4.0 Solution Helps Maintain UK ‘Balance Of Power’

Powelectrics have delivered a ‘connected sensor’ solution to a customer with several sites generating standby power for National Grid. As the UK becomes more reliant on intermittent renewable power generation, a need has been created for highly responsive, on-demand generation capacity to ensure a secure, sustainable electricity system for the nation. It is essential that such power is always available when called upon and the Powelectrics solution helps with that!

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04 Apr 2019

Powelectrics Packs a Punch With New People and Products In the Pipeline!

Powelectrics MD, Dave Oakes, talks about Q1 and our exciting IoT innovations, including the new Metron4 with 4G comms (NBIoT/Cat M1) and the redesign of Metron2 firmware to allow for easy customisation for bespoke applications. We are building our human resources for future growth and integrating even more third party M2M devices into our MetronView cloud, most recently the Thingsee multichannel datalogger with integrated sensors.

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