News articles from September 2020

30 Sep 2020

Congratulations To Andrew Cook On His Academic Success Researching Anomaly Detection!

Congratulations to Powelectrics’ sponsored PhD student, Andrew Cook on publishing his initial paper on anomaly detection and already achieving eight citations for his ground-breaking work as part of the Keele University Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) project!

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10 Sep 2020

Vectec Combats Fuel Theft Concerns With Powelectrics Metron IoT Technology

Fuelling systems provider, Vectec, have developed a fuel theft detection system using Powelectrics Metron4 telemetry, for customers who store fuel at unmanned sites, protecting them from both theft and clean-up costs. They have published details of this well-proven solution in the Transport Operator online trade journal.

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09 Sep 2020

Powelectrics Welcome Sean Nelson To The Team!

Powelectrics extend a very warm welcome to Sean Nelson, a Leeds University MEng Computer Science/ Artificial Intelligence student, who will be developing our Project Management System. Not just an IT whizz, Sean is very much an all-rounder!

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