Sensing and Telemetry News

26 Jun 2018

Powelectrics Products Help Potato Peel Progress to Palatable Pig Provisions!

Powelectrics m2m technology is helping our customer collect bulk waste from food production and recycle it for animal feed. This IIoT solution, in an inhospitable environment is helping turn horrid heaps into happy hogs!

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20 Jun 2018

Powelectrics Deliver a Pump Station Control Solution for MOD Knook Camp

Powelectrics has delivered a remote monitoring and control solution to help keep MOD Knook Camp military personnel supplied with water for washing, cooking, heating etc whilst they are in training.

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07 Jun 2018

Powelectrics Collaborate with Angel Trains and Rubirail to Deliver Award Winning Remote Fuel Level Monitoring and Help Keep Virgin Trains On Track

Powelectrics have collaborated with Angel Trains and Rubirail to create a bespoke ‘connected sensor’ m2m solution to monitor fuel levels on Virgin Trains East Coast High Speed fleet and alert them if levels fall below those needed to complete planned journeys.

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04 Jun 2018

No Skating On Thin Ice for Christmas Shoppers!

Powelectrics have delivered a connected sensor solution to monitor external, temporary ice rinks and help ensure that the skating season runs smoothly for Christmas shoppers.

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31 May 2018

Powelectrics Solution Facilitates Civilian Protection at MOD’s Otmoor Rifle Range

A Powelectrics connected sensor solution has been used to improve the warning system used to advise civilians when the Otmoor military firing range is in use. The range borders an RSPB reserve and the new m2m system improves safety and saves many hours for military personnel and wildlife enthusiasts alike.





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29 May 2018

Happy Birthday Powelectrics Weather Station!

Happy 6th birthday to our weather station!!! This solar-powered Metron2 telemetry device has sent data to our MetronView platform, every 10 minutes for 6 years.

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25 May 2018

National Grid ‘Demand Side Response’ Initiative Assisted by Powelectrics Telemetry

A Powelectrics connected sensor solution has helped our customer to participate in National Grid’s ‘Demand Side Response’ (DSR) initiative, DSR allows organisations to reduce or shift demand at certain times to create capacity in the grid and also for those with onsite power generation facilities, to supply energy to the grid when it is needed.

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18 May 2018

RSPB Uses Powelectrics Technology to Manage Protected Environments

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is using a Powelectrics connected sensor solution to remotely monitor water levels at RSPB reserves, to achieve optimum levels for breeding and nutrition and assist with research & analysis.

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14 May 2018

Powelectrics ‘Connected Sensor Solution’ Enables First Industry 4.0 Mauritian Fuel Retail Site

Powelectrics partner in Mauritius, Naveo have installed a connected sensor m2m solution for the largest fuel retailer on the island, making them the first to benefit from an Industry4.0, fully-integrated IIoT approach to logistics and stock management. Powelectrics award-winning Metron telemetry enabled Naveo to bring signals from level sensors in forecourt tanks into their platform.

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10 May 2018

Global Industrial Gas Business Delivers Reduced Costs, Environmental Benefits and Improved Service With Powelectrics Connected Sensor Solution

Powelectrics Metron telemetry has been rolled out globally by a major industrial gas supplier. They are using IIoT remote monitoring to measure and report levels on cryogenic gas tanks to the cloud. This m2m solution makes it possible to manage inventory via automated order processing and delivery scheduling. Both distribution costs & environmental risk have been reduced and customers are getting excellent proactive service.

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08 May 2018

Congratulations to Dave Oakes on Surviving Your Epic "Tour de Manc" 100 Mile Cycle Challenge!

Back in March, when Powelectrics introduced Dave Oakes as our new MD, we also mentioned that he was training hard for the Tour de Manc® sportive. Fantastically well done to Dave for not only surviving, but doing it on one of the hottest days of the year so far…certainly not the Arctic conditions he has been training in!

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02 May 2018

Powelectrics Have Developed a Rail Safety Solution in Partnership with the Energy Development Co-Operative

Powelectrics have developed a rail industry solution for the Energy Development Co-Operative who specialise in renewable energy technologies for off-grid energy applications. This remote condition monitoring application connects sensors to the cloud, ensuring that battery charge issues are reported and dealt with quickly.

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30 Apr 2018

Powelectrics Metron Telemetry Is Being Used By IBM To Connect Sensors to IBM Cloud

Powelectrics have been working with ChrisGage, Digital Lead, for IBM Industrial Products to develop ‘connected sensor solutions’ for a number of condition monitoring applications. IBM are using Powelectrics award-winning Metron telemetry devices to connect sensors to their IBM Cloud, a sophisticated web-based ‘platform as a service’ (PaaS)

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25 Apr 2018

National Trust Uses Powelectrics Remote Monitoring to Improve Waste Collection

National Trust uses solar-powered Metron2 telemetry to connect level sensors on waste tanks to the cloud, reducing tanker collections and helping ensure that facilities are always available to visitors.

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23 Apr 2018

Powelectrics Telemetry Helps Adhesive Company ‘Stick’ to Best Practice

Powelectrics have collaborated with global industrial adhesive business to remotely monitor packaging machines, maximising employee productivity, minimising energy/product consumption and extending machine life/line uptime through predictive maintenance. It’s a perfect example of the ‘smart factory’ and Industry 4.0 in practice. The transformation to service supplier as well as product supplier offers a massive competitive advantage. 

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20 Apr 2018

Meet Nicole, Powelectrics Fabulous (and Fluffy!) Office Team Leader

The smooth running of Powelectrics busy HQ is largely down to the hard work of Nicole Lowe, our Office Team Leader. Nicole has been brightening our days for 7 years … and impressing us with a dazzling array of fluffy cardigans and coats!!

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17 Apr 2018

Dave Oakes Graduates from Keele Uni's MCIL Innovation Leadership Programme

Congratulations to Dave Oakes, Powelectrics MD, who has recently graduated from Keele University’s Mercia Centre Innovation Leadership Programme … a kind of mini-MBA!

Dave found the course inspiration! He is pictured here, at his presentation. L to R  @KurtAllman Head of Keele Management School, @DaveOakes, @MarkOrmerod Deputy Vice Chancellor and  @GaryCrowe Centre Director #MCIL

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13 Apr 2018

Powelectrics Remote Tank Level Monitoring is ‘Generating’ improved Service Levels and Profitability for Leading UK Equipment Hire Business

Powelectrics are working with one of the UK’s largest providers of equipment rental and support services, supplying from over 200 depots across the UK and Ireland, to clients in construction, infrastructure, facilities management, retail, leisure and events. As a highly innovative business, they have adopted fuel tank level monitoring to enhance service levels and increase revenue.

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09 Apr 2018

Happy 21st Birthday Florence!

Congratulations to our lovely Florence, who will be celebrating her 21st birthday on Friday this week! Florence is the lady most likely to answer your call when you ring Powelectrics. Indeed, her mega-high-energy greeting will brighten your whole day!

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04 Apr 2018

Dave Oakes Tells Us How He Sees The Future of Powelectrics Within a "Connected Sensor Community".

As Dave Oakes completes his first quarter as MD, we asked him to tell us more about his vision for Powelectrics. Here he describes how he sees Powelectrics as a conduit between the world of sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things and a key member of the connected sensor community.

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03 Apr 2018

Powelectrics Tank Level Telemetry is Building Added Value Into Construction Chemical Supply

Powelectrics has been working with a world leader in speciality construction chemicals to harness the benefits of tank level monitoring. Our award-winning ‘Metron’ telemetry helps them differentiate themselves and win lucrative contracts, supplying concrete additives to major contractors on prestigious architectural developments and infrastructure projects.

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28 Mar 2018

Powelectrics Remote Monitoring Telemetry Alerts Clearwater Pollution Control of Sewage Pumping Stations Issues.

Powelectrics have delivered a remote monitoring solution to alert Clearwater Pollution Control if their pumping stations are not performing. This allows for the timely, centrally-managed, efficient scheduling of maintenance visits, driving down internal costs and allowing a situation to be rectified before a customer is even aware of it. 

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22 Mar 2018

Powelectrics Tank Level Telemetry Helps Keep Britain Supplied With Tasty Snacks!

Powelectrics have recently delivered a tank level telemetry project to remotely monitor levels in palm oil tanks for a manufacturer of tasty snacks, helping them reduce disruption and operational costs and removing the risk of running out of a key ingredient.

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15 Mar 2018

Powelectrics Telemetry Used In Environment Agency/Local Council Scheme To Warn Locals of Rising Water Levels

In recent years, with increasing occurrences of extreme weather events, Powelectrics telemetry has been increasingly used as part of flood monitoring schemes. One such scheme is protecting 360 homes in Cockermouth, Cumbria.

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12 Mar 2018

Powelectrics Help Protect the Public on Footpath Level Crossings Project for Network Rail

Powelectrics remote condition monitoring telemetry has been incorporated into a warning system as part of Network Rail’s Railway Upgrade Plan to provide a safer and more reliable railway.

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09 Mar 2018

Meet Chris West … Powelectrics BDM and Resident Rock-God!

Chris West is a great guy to talk to if you need to get sensor signals into web-based management systems, but his talents do not end there! He may deliver connected sensor solutions by day … but when the lights go down … he is making a very different kind of connection … as frontman for his band, Drop Down Smiling!

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07 Mar 2018

Get After Sales Technical Support from Handy Andy

Powelectrics are here to help you when our telemetry solutions are being deployed or are already installed. Andy Perkins is one of our Technical Support Team. Find out what he can do for you here.

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05 Mar 2018

What Does the Term ‘Industry 4.0’ Mean?

Dave Oakes, Powelectrics MD, attended Industry 4.0 Summit last week. In talking to contacts and customers, it has become clear that the term is not known and understood by everyone, so here is the briefest of explanations.

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02 Mar 2018

Ready Data for Ready Mix! Powelectrics Telemetry Solutions for Construction Material Storage and Logistics

Powelectrics have recently delivered a retrofit remote silo monitoring telemetry project for Cemex, a multinational building materials company, connecting existing sensors on load cells to the IIoT to give management current data and instant alarms wherever they are. They also get useful historical data to help with planning their production and deliveries. 

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02 Mar 2018

Meet Dave Oakes, Powelectrics New MD

Powelectrics recently welcomed Dave Oakes as our new MD! Dave will not be a stranger to many of our customers and suppliers, having been our Sales and Technical Director for the last 17 years. For those who are not familiar with our new leader, here as a brief introduction.

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07 Nov 2017

Introducing a range of Sigfox devices

We are pelased to introduce a range of Sigfox approved transmitters for automatic meter reading, remote temperature & humidity monitoring as well as units for checking and reporting the state of volt free contacts.

Sigfox offers very cost effectivehardware and connectivity for IOT & IIOT applications. Low energy consumption LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network mean it's a great way to connect sensors to the Cloud.

The Sigfox IOT hardware is compatible with our web based data acquisition solution allowing you to view the readings via easy to navigate web portals as well as receive alarms and even integrate the data into back office computing systems using our easy to use API.

Click here to find out more

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25 Sep 2017

Remote Data Logging

It is now possible, on request, for the Metron2 to store readings and then have them perioducally transmitted to our cloud based data acquisition platform, Metron View.

This means you can use the Metron system as a remote data logging solution, getting more data to provide further benefit. Whatever your industrial internet of things application, from remote tank monitoring, condition monitoring, machine monitoring we have the solution. Get in touch to discuss your requrements.

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24 Jul 2017

Powelectrics Present Telemetry for Rail Vehicle Interiors Developed in Conjunction with Angel Trains

Powelectrics are pleased to present a Telemetry System for Trains. This Metron meets the applicable fire performance standards to be installed in a rail interior, for use in internal applications such as toilet tank monitoring and air condition monitoring. The unit has been developed in conjunction with Angel Trains.

Powelectrics are committed to continuous, customer-driven solution development  - contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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17 Jul 2017

Get the most from your IIOT data

Powelectrics have extended the capabilities of the highly successful Metron View platform by extending the systems ability to accept data from 3rd party devices AND to perform logical & arithmetic operations. We can build you portals and reports that suit your needs ensuring you get the maximum benefit from the data.

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14 Nov 2016

Microwave level sensors - when space is limited

The MFP microwave level sensors safely & precisely detect fill levels of a wide range of products such as cereals or soy flour. Based on the guided pulse radar principle, they operate reliably regardless of foaming, medium density, temperature and pressure. Available with a single probe, parallel probes or a coaxial probe, the systems can be optimally adapted to the requirements of liquid and solid media.

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08 Nov 2016

Flow sensors - Plug-in, align, tighten

The compact SCS 440 flow sensor from EGE is designed for plug-in installation and free orientation. Just like the proven SC 440  model, the sensor monitors the speed of liquid media up to 300 cm/s. During installation with a G¼ or G½ screw-in adapter, the plug connector and the LED display can be freely oriented. The adapter is screwed into a T-piece or a welding sleeve. After that, the sensor is secured in the adapter using a union nut. 

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05 Aug 2016

Solar power flood monitoring kit - easy to buy and fit

All you need in one easy to install package.

• Remotely monitor river levels
• Receive alarms if level rises above thresholds
• View historical level data via simple web GUI
• Collect data via API for use in applications & websites
• Solar powered

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24 May 2016

Super Safe Laser Light Barriers

We are pleased to present an extensive range of extremely safe laser sensors. Light barriers are used in all areas of automation, to detect small objects with great speed and precision, without contact or wear. They can accurately detect size, position and form, and send alarms to camera and control systems. This new range conforms to Class 1, the highest safety level of the latest legislation (IEC 60825-1: 2014) to offer maximum eye safety with both short and long duration irradiation, even if the cross-section of the beam is reduced by optical instruments.

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03 Mar 2016

Kerosene Tank Level Monitoring with Local Display

We have just fitted some level sensors, a telemetry unit and displays to a couple of 200,000 litre kerosene tanks. The application needed ATEX approved sensors and barriers. At the heart of the system is the Metron2 which is sending the data to our web based portal allowing the client to securely view the level readings via the internet.

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01 Mar 2016

Quality Audit for connected sensors passed with flying colours

We have recently had our ISO 9001 recertification audit and passed with flying colours. Zero non-conformities. Well done Nicole, Pete, Jade, Abby and everyone else involved.
ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It is the most widely used QMS standard in the world, with over 1.1 million certificates issued to organizations in 178 countries.
ISO 9001 provides a framework and set of principles that ensure a common-sense approach to the management of your organization to consistently satisfy customers and other stakeholders.

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08 Feb 2016

Detecting process malfunctions in time

EGE has extended its range of inline flow and temperature controllers, adding sensors for low flow rates. The new SDN 552/5 and  SDN 552/6 series detect flow rates between 50 and 2.000 ml/min as well as media temperatures from 0 to +60 °C, ensuring space-saving monitoring at reduced acquisition costs. Users can choose between sensors with two analog outputs (4...20 mA), two switching outputs, or one analog and one switching output for flow and temperature data. Equipped with a three-digit digital display, the sensors are easy to program: the parameters limit value, hysteresis, NO/NC, time on/off delay and average value can be adjusted to the requirements of specific applications. Current readings and stored parameters can be accessed anytime. The programming functions are secured by an access code which can also be programmed.

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02 Dec 2015

Link Sensor Data to Excel - DIY IOT

Do it yourself internet of things.
As we deploy more and sensors and gateways into more diverse applications it is becoming apparent that the users don’t always know what to expect from the data. How does the differential pressure across a filter relate to when the filter needs changing? How does the temperature of a bearing vary with load and what is the impact of wear and tear? By getting data and then analysing so much more can be understood, and it is sometimes possible to use just a few sensors to get a large amount of useful information.

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12 Nov 2015

Monitoring Petrol on Forecourts

Powelectrics partners in Mauritius have successfully installed tank gauging solutions on petrol forecourts for Indian Oil. Extremely proud of their reputation for technological innovation, Indian Oil were committed to being the first Mauritian fuel retailer to benefit from a fully-integrated approach to logistics and stock management.

The solution was implemented via Powelectrics tier-one Partner, Naveo who not only brought local support and technical know how but also a well featured software solution that is able to combine both tank level monitoring and vehicle tracking.

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25 Sep 2015

Internet Connected Sensors with Self Service Setup

Our Metron solution for remote monitoring now has a great new way of getting sensor data flowing securely to the internet in just 3 quick and simple steps.

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08 Sep 2015

Radio Networks for Sensors and Meters

We are pleased to introduce the MetronR range of products - a long range yet affordable Radio Telemetry System with battery powered transmitters that handle pulse signals, as well as temperature and humidity measurement options. Range testing shows we can get 5 miles (8 kilometres). You can have 32 transmitters to each hub which provides an RS485 interface. The readings can be made available to SCADA & BMS systems as well as PLC's, or you can use our GSM capable telemetry solutions to send the data to a server and then access securely via the internet.

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17 Jul 2015

Adoption of Private Sewers

There is an increasing need for remote monitoring in the UK waste water industry as by October 2016 the sewerage broker, which is typically the local water authority, will take over the responsibility of private drains and sewers as laid out in the DEFRA guidelines. As these assets are largely unknown quantities then it is important that the water authorities introduce a form of remote monitoring.

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07 Jul 2015

Sensor range gets extended with new wind, temperature and pressure devices

Powelectrics have extended their range of sensors to incorporate some new wind direction, wind speed, temperature and pressure. All offer great performance for their price and are compatible with our remote monitoring solutions.

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29 Jun 2015

Rail Industry Innovation Awards

Metron2 and Metron VIEW formed the core of a digital fuel gauge soluiton that was a short listed finalist at the Modern Railway Innovation Awards at the Fourth Friday Club Dinner held on Friday 26th June. The solution was awarded 'highly commended' in the small projects category.

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09 Jun 2015

Smaller, more intelligent ultrasonic sensors

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new miniature ultrasonic sensor from diSoric with built in intelligence. When Powelectrics first started selling ultrasonic sensors, the smallest available was an M30 housing. It was a breakthrough when the M18 was launched, then the M12. The latest in the Disoric range of ultrasonics sensors is in an M8 housing.

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02 Mar 2015

M8 and M12 All Stainless Steel Proximity Sensors

We are please to announce the arrival of some new proximity switches that come in a one-piece stainless steel housing. They have the same operating distance to steel and aluminium and are insensitive to cleaning agents, environmental influences and hot chips. They have a metal plug connector, an integrated amplifier and include protection against short-circuit and reverse polarity. The integrated LED shows the switch status.

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31 Oct 2014

Easy Installation of EGE Flow Controllers

New screw-in adapters enable easy installation of EGE flow control systems: ST 418, SNS, and SCS probes and compact sensors can now be simply plugged in, aligned, and screwed tight. The adapter is screwed into a T-piece or a welding sleeve. During installation, the plug connector and the LED display can be freely oriented. After that, the sensor is secured in the adapter using a union nut. The connection is reliably sealed up to 100 bar. Various screw-in adapter models which are optionally available allow for universal use of the flow sensors. Standard versions are supplied with a G¼ or G½ thread. The sensors operate according to the thermodynamic principle and are suitable for monitoring liquid flow rates up to 300 cm/s.

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27 Oct 2014

Monitor Signals From Your Sensors Wherever You Are

Powelectrics make hardware and provide software solutions that can allows you view data fromyour senosrs, wherever you are, wherever your equipment is. The hardware (Metrons)take signals from sensors and use the mobile phone network to transmit them to a managed server (Metron VIEW) so users can then view via the internet using their computer or smart phone. Readings can be sent as frequently as every 5 minutes or as infrequently as every day or even every week. How often readings are sent will effect the cost for the data.

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16 Oct 2014

New Basic Series Proximity Sensors

We are pelased to be able to introduce a new range of inductive proximity sensors in body sizes from M8 to M30, with standard or extended detection ranges and with fixed cables or connectors.

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26 Sep 2014

Receive Alarms by Email from your Sensors

Metron VIEW is now able to send you alarms by email if a reading from a sensor goes above or below pre-defined thresholds, or if a unit has not unit has not communicated with the Metron VIEW server for a certain amount of time.

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12 Sep 2014

Flow Sensor Product Selector

To help you choose the right sensor for your application you can now use this product search tool, directirng you to the right product to suit medium (liquid, gas, glycol), power supply, flow rate, supply voltage, output type, connection type, temperature range and ATEX category and then taking you to the data sheet.

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14 Apr 2014

New range of affordable level sensors

The SPS series of affordable level sensors suit a wide range of applications and offer simple installation and long term stability.
Available in a variety of measurement ranges these sensors have a sturdy stainless steel body and use the well proven hydrostatic method of level measurement offering excellent accuracy at a very reasonable price.

These sensors work really well with our Metron2 device to provide you with a great way of reading the level in oyur tank both locally and remotely.

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24 Mar 2014

Metron VIEW gets an API

Users of Metron VIEW can now retrieve their data and build their own web applications using the API that we have introduced. As ever with the Powelectrics suite of M2M products it's pretty straightforward to use and we are finding suitably skilled developers are making light work of it.

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31 Jan 2014

Di-soric launch new low cost laser micrometer

The new LLGT 081 laser micrometer is a high-resolution laser line fork light barrier that can be used to detect and analyse even minimal dimensional deviations.  A special lens projects a fine, parallel laser beam onto a high-resolution CMOS line.
The fork design of these units eliminates the need for time-consuming alignment of the transmitter and receiver.

The 1st device of this family has a 25mm measuring range and a separation distance (emitter to receiver) of 80mm. The device has a resolution of 20µm.

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31 Dec 2013

Machine to Machine Is Becoming A Way of Life. Telemetry is its Life Blood.

Machine to Machine (M2M) is here to stay, whether it be smart metering, data collection for compliance reasons or inventory management. This ‘Internet of Things’ telemetry technology offers rapid payback, delivering operational, environmental and financial benefits, from cutting delivery miles, to reacting in good time to warnings of machinery breakdown, leakage, theft, run-outs and safety breaches. Powelectrics award-winning solutions are proven globally, in businesses as diverse as parcel distribution, propane gas, cryogenics and the water industry.

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14 Aug 2013

Why 'Waste' a Collection? Use Tank Telemetry

Tank level telemetry has becomes a valued cost-reduction tool in high value bulk delivery logistics, from LPG to Diesel and Heating Oils. Now, companies are realising that virtually the same benefits apply to the collection of bWaste Tankulk waste.

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19 Jul 2013

Ultrasonic label sensors

Ultrasonic label sensors series USGT are designed for theultrasonic label sensor detection of nearly all conventional kinds of labels. The large fork width offers enough free space for thicker, folded labels. However, even extremely thin, transparent film labels – printed or non-printed – will be safely detected and

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19 Jul 2013

Level switches for kerosene and petrol

Powelectrics are pleased to introduce a range of optical level sensors for monitoring fill levels of liquidlevel sensor for kerosene and petrol media irrespective of conductivity or dielectric constant.

The units operate by means of a proven infrared light method: during immersion, the refractive index around the sensor tip changes. The sensor continuously analyzes the reflected infrared light and uses it to actuate the switching output.

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13 May 2013

Dynamic fork light barriers - Detect standstill immediately

Powelectrics now offers the most extensive range of fork sensors and fork light barriers that covers a wide variety of different fork widths and fork depths. The product's sensitivity can be adjusted using a potentiometer or teach key. Some models deliberately dispense with any unnecessary adjustment elements. The collimated transmitter light is available as infrared light, red light or red laser light. This makes it possible to satisfy a wide range of application requirements with great operating safety.

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29 Apr 2013

The Future of M2M

M2M technology is on the brink of something big - take a look at this infographic for more insight into M2M developments. 
For more in-depth information regarding our M2M solutions and devices contact us direct on 01827 310 66. See our:- 

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26 Apr 2013

Ice Rink Monitoring

The Powelectrics Metron2 device has been used in conjunction with 4 temperature probes to remotely monitor temporary Ice Rinks.

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08 Apr 2013

Energy Management

The European Union has decreed that 20 percent of the overall domestic energy consumption must come from renewable energy sources by the year 2020. The EU guideline to this effect is also known as the RES Directive.

Intelligent Energy Management

The biggest challenge facing network operators is to guarantee stable network operation. One problem is to avoid a regional overload of the power grid during high power feed-in. This can only be accomplished by intelligent  energy management that enables remote control of load shut-down or load reduction to prevent damage to the power grids.

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25 Mar 2013

Remote Fuel Management

Remote Fuel Management Systems verify deliveries, catches thieves, places orders automatically and much more.

With the cost of fuel continually increasing the need to manage fuel stocks has never been greater, and when the business is reliant on delivery vehicles then the volume of fuel used and fuel availability is critical to ensure you continue to hit service levels and create value for your customers.

Leading Mail Distributor 

A leading mail distributor has over 250 depots scattered across the UK and with fuel being purchased and managed centrally, there was a daily requirement for the depots to provide manual stock levels so they could order in time. When deliveries did occur there was no way of making sure the volume matched up with the invoice, or that it happened at the right time. The depots are busy places and it was no good if tankers arrived to fill the tanks when the vans were all filling up ready to go out on their rounds.

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05 Mar 2013

New Metal Detector System provides optimal Protection for Machines and Plants

Industrial Metal Detectors can reliably detect metal pieces and prevent damage to machines in industrial production processes. It is possible to tune out permanently installed metal components, such as metal frames or sheet metal panels close to the detector so that they do not interfere with the sensing, but this can reduce the sensitivity.

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05 Mar 2013

Remote Tank Level Monitoring with easy to fit Hygienic Sensor

By remotely monitoring the level of milk in the collection tanks at dairies it is possible to reduce the number of journeys required each week to collect the milk and dramatically lower the collection costs.

Thanks to an easy to fit hygienic level sensor installation is now quick and easy.

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18 Oct 2012

Communication between controllers and intelligent sensors made easy

Due to the large variety of bus systems in factory automation, many system integrators are faced with the dilemma of choosing the "right" system, a decision that can have far-reaching consequences.

For this reason, Panasonic developed a solution for transferring data between controllers and the sensors required. Up until now, communication between intelligent sensors and controllers has been realized via serial or parallel interfaces built into the sensors. At the same time, simple sensors capable of displaying the digital status of 1 or 0 only were developed for one specific fieldbus type. That is all part of the past now!

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08 Oct 2012

Compact flow monitors & controllers

The new inline flow monitor and controller SDNC 5 provides new optimization possibilities for process technology flow sensorengineers. Measuring just 37x40x67 mm, the flow controller is very compact and serves as a space-saving alternative to conventional devices. The sensors are shipped pre-programmed to suit the application, thereby minimizing installation efforts.

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27 Jul 2012

Using tank telemetry to predict the future

Wouldn’t we all love to predict the future – to know next week’s lottery numbers, or who’s going to win in the upcoming test series against South Africa or, even better, how much lp gas your customers are going to need. Thanks to some clever telemetry, the latter at least is now possible.

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05 Jul 2012

Metron VIEW for web based M2M data

The Metron VIEW data collection service for M2M and telemetry applications is available as a hosted service has recently been updated. Metron VIEW is primarily used in conjunction with our Metron2 M2M and telemetry devices but we can often provide solutions for other equipment.

The Metrons send the readings over the mobile phone network to our server and users can view and export their data using a simple web page browser.

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02 Feb 2012

Leading the way with M2M

2011 was a record year for Powelectrics so thanks to all the customers and staff for making this possible. The world of telemetry, M2M and the 'internet of things' is growing and so are our solutions.

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25 Oct 2011

M2M Data

Over the last few months plenty has been written about the future of M2M and how much it will grow. It’s certainly an exciting sector to be involved in. One reason why M2M is so exciting is because you can see how the use of data can change how businesses operate. M2M data can be used to predict the future. What would we all give for a crystal ball..?

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18 Apr 2011

Compact flow controllers

The SDNC is a compact flow controller which incorporates new optimisation possibilities for process technology engineers. Measuring merely 37 x 40 x 67mm, the flow controller is very compact and serves as a space-saving alternative to conventional devices. The sensors are pre-programmed with basic operating parameters, thereby minimizing installation efforts.

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29 Mar 2011

Team Powelectrics 'spark' into life for Fun Run

Eight members of Powelectrics staff are participating in the Great Midlands fun run to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Fund. Please give generously and help us to meet our fund raising target.



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04 Mar 2011

Browser based SCADA

Using a Web browser, visualizing process data and operating equipment or factory systems is easier and cheaper, but nevertheless more efficient than ever.

Panasonic FP-Series PLCs, FP Web-Server 2 and the new software FP Web Designer enable you to set up such a system comfortably and quickly! The FP Web Designer is an easy-to-use editor for creating Web pages for the extremely compact FP Web-Server.

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22 Apr 2010

Who benefits mosts from VMI in bulk chemical & fuel distribution..?

With operational & logistic savings, improved production scheduling, as well as benefits in sales, purchasing and administration, is it the corporation or the environment that gains the most from the use of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)?

Powelectrics offer a wide range of Sensing Applications and Telemetry Applications. These include:

Vendor Managed Inventory
Remote Inventory Management
Remote Metre Reading
LPG Tank Level Monitoring
Web Based Inventory Management
Remote Inventory Management for Chemicals

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06 Apr 2010

Remotely reset computer and communications equipment

In an ideal world you woudn't need to reset computer and communications equipment, but we all know that from time to time you need to power cycle a device in order for it to carry on working. When the equipment is off site then this can become a major problem.

Using ourwire free telemetry products you can now easily switch your equipment off and then on again quickly and easily by text message. With many IT departments serving mutiple sites thenthe uses of remote monitoring and control can save time and money.

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22 Feb 2010

Low cost photoelectric sensors

We now have available a new generation of photoelectric Low cost photoelectric sensorsproximity sensors designed to provide users with a high level of performance at competitive prices.

The 'Series 5050' photoelectric sensorsare built in the widely used 50mm x 50mm format and is available in diffuse, retro-reflective (reflex) and through-beam versions.  Each of these configurations has a long sensing distance; diffuse 800mm, retro-reflective 4 metres and through-beam 50 meters.

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20 Nov 2009

Graphical display is a winner on new telemetry unit



A well structured user interface which makes imaginative use of Metron2a flexible graphical display can be a huge advantage in the market, as Powelectrics found when they launched Metron2, an affordable telemetry outstation and the first of its kind to feature a graphical display. The design  won its designer Oliver Start the Young Engineer of the Year award, sponsored by RS Components, at the British Engineering Excellence Awards.

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20 Nov 2009

Inductive sensors with excellent noise immunity

The new ‘blue series’ inductive proximity sensors help you avoid Inductive sensorerroneous switching in circumstances where there is a large amount of electromagnetic interference. The sensor incorporate enhanced EMC resilience and are suitable for use in areas where there is a large amount of electrical noise typically found when you are close to invertors and motors.

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20 Nov 2009

Inductive sensors for ambient temperatures up to 250 C

Powelectrics are pleased to announce the introduction of the IRTS/IDTS inductive sensorseries of inductive proximity sensors which are suitable for use at temperatures up to 250 °C for extend periods of time. The robust housings are mainly aluminium or stainless steel and come in either M18 or M30 versions. The sensing range depends on the model and varies from 10 to 40mm. They are ideal for applications in varnishing furnaces and brick kilns.

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19 Oct 2009

Laser displacement sensor

The LDS 72 is a A new type of laser displacement sensor that Laser displacement sensor LDS 72provides a very high resolution with ranges 5 to 600 mm.

Improved 14 it RTSC at 1500 Hz as well as intelligent image
analysis – peak & threshold selection are available. Analogue scaling with easy teach-in is now first time usable in this economic version

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19 Oct 2009

Separate amplifier unit for flow measurement

There is now available a separate amplifier unit to work with the flow amplifierversatile SDI 853 type inline flow meters with an impulse output, which enables remote meter reading and programming of switching points. This configuration allows users to fit sensors directly into pipes even in poorly accessible places without compromising on control and functionality.

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25 Sep 2009

Telemetry that makes sense

The Metron2 telemetry unit is affordable, flexible and easy to use. It suits a wide range of applications for remote data logging and alarming, including network montoring in the water industry, tank level monitoring in the fuel distribution and chemical industries, discharge and emissions monitoring for environmental purposes as well as general alarming for industrial reporting and security.

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18 Aug 2009

MCERTS Telemetry

The use of telemetry can help comply with MCERTS. MCERTS is environmental monitoringthe Environment Agency's certification scheme for monitoring. It plays a key role in operator self monitoring by helping to give the EA confidence that monitoring data meets its requirements.

MCERTS was initially applied to air emission monitoring but has been successfully extended to water and other liquid discharges.


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17 Aug 2009

Tax Strip detection on Cigarette Boxes

We have available a colour sensor that is ideal for Tax Strip detection on Cigarette Boxes. The LT1-STB incorporates a long colour sensor for tax strip detectionlasting LED light source which is projected onto the tax strip using a fibre optic cable.

The received light is separated to RGB and transfered into XYZ, L*a*b or L*u*v. The colour sensor can be interrogated via RS232 colorCONTROL LT/B software.


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24 Jul 2009

Magnetic Flowmeter

The SDI 852 / SDI 853 type Electromagnetic flowmeters allowmagnetic flowmeter sdi 852 users to continuously monitor flow rates of many conductive media. The devices now feature a new, optional impulse output. Each single impulse corresponds to a defined flow rate. Just like their predecessor models, the new sensors can also be fitted with a PNP or an analog output.

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24 Jul 2009

Heavy duty in line flow and temperature controller

The new inline sensor for flow and temperature can control heavy inline flow and temperature controllerflows up to 100 l/min. The model complements our existing series of space-saving one-device flow sensors for monitoring flow rates and medium temperatures. The flow meter is designed for monitoring water flows. Features include one analog output (4…20 mA) for flow, one analog output for temperature, and a three-digit digital display. Users can easily program flow rate adjustment and averaging. Current readings and programmed parameters can be accessed anytime. 

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24 Jul 2009

Colour monitor for testing LED's

Tthe ColorControl MFA is an colour recognition system that is colorcontrol for testing ledscapable of monitoring and classifying the colour, intensity and function of LEDs and self- luminous systems at up to 100 measuring stations simultaneously.

The LEDs to be tested are assigned to a test matrix using light guides (up to 2 meters is possible) and a mounting adapter looks after the positioning.

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24 Jul 2009

Stainless Steel Proximity Sensor

Stainless steel proximity sensors with non stick coating make them cinder resistant. Thestainless steel faced proximity sensor robust stainless steel IGV sensors are coated with a special PTFE coating which makes the proximity switches adhesion-resistant and especially easy to clean. The coating also won’t be damaged by harsher mechanical cleaning processes.

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24 Jul 2009

Proximity switches for food

The IGVW range are tightly sealed proximity switches for the proximity switches for foodfood industry as they are capable of withstanding extreme climatic conditions. The 100% stainless steel IGVW proximity switches are manufactured from one piece and designed to be climatic-proofed so they can withstand even the greatest temperature fluctuations. The high standards of hygiene in the food industry demand a proximity sensor of the highest strength. Stainless steel proximity sensors can also be used in hygienically demanding applications requiring frequent cleaning cycles. Thanks to their seamless finish and specially matched combination of materials they also withstand aggressive cleaning agents, acids and caustic materials and are resistant to pressure cleaning.

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15 Jul 2009

Laser Distance Sensor

Our new laser distance sensor, LDS 72, has high-end lds 72 laser distance sensorfeatures at an economical price. It has a measurement frequency of 1500 Hz, 7 ranges, peak elimination software included for difficult measurement peaks and on the rear there is a teach function for learning the real measurement range between two points at full resolution. 

Powelectrics offer a wide range of sensors for automation including laser distance sensors, proximity sensors, colour sensors and vision systems.

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13 Jul 2009

IP68 Proximity switches

We are now able to offer additional IP68 proximity switches. The renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has tested the Contrinex Series 700 and confirmed that both cable and connector versions of sizes M12, M18 and M30 meet the requirements of IP68 as well as IP69K.   This means that sizes M12 to M30 can be employed under water for a certain time and that they resist cleaning by means of high-pressure water jets.

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01 Jun 2009

Shockproof proximity switches

The IGV series of inductive proximity switches are made rugged inductive proximity sensorsfrom stainless steel and manufactured from one piece. The sensors are highly shock-proof: they easily resist more than ten blows with an impact of eight joules each. One such blow corresponds to a 1 kg weight dropped onto the sensor from a height of 80 cm. They also withstand vibrations, metal cuttings and abrasive media as well as aggressive cooling liquids and lubricants, which makes them ideally suited for use in extremely rugged industrial environments.

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08 May 2009

Vision system with OCR



Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a popular inspection task for industrial Machine Vision systems, e.g. for presence or content checking of serial numbers, use-best-before-dates, or component markings, use-best-before-dates, or component markings. With the new PV530, the successful and industrially proven, high-speed Imagechecker PV500 has been expanded to include OCR.

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10 Mar 2009

Proximity sensors for the food industry

Contrinex has developed a range of rugged inductive proximity sensorsproximity sensors that has been specifically designed for dealing with the hazardous environments found in the food industry.  Although the food handling process itself does not always present an aggressive environment, the cleaning and wash-down routines required to meet hygiene standards usually involve caustic chemicals that can cause severe damage to control sensors.

When a production line is stopped due to failure the in-process products often have to be scrapped and, in many cases, the line has to undergo a time consuming cleaning routine before it can be re-started.  In addition to being extremely expensive, these delays put pressure on production managers to make up quota targets and deadlines after repairs are completed.



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09 Mar 2009

Inductive proximity switch

Inductive proximity switch with an extended temperature inductive proximity switchrange  - the IDST and INST proximity switches are ideal for use in applications with high temperatures and rugged environments, such as steel plants. The proximity sensors are suitable for a temperature range from -25 to +120 °C. They are EMC resistant beyond the requirements of relevant norms, and withstand even interference spectra generated by frequency inverters.

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