Sensing and Telemetry News

26 Jun 2018

Powelectrics Products Help Potato Peel Progress to Palatable Pig Provisions!

Powelectrics m2m technology is helping our customer collect bulk waste from food production and recycle it for animal feed. This IIoT solution, in an inhospitable environment is helping turn horrid heaps into happy hogs!

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20 Jun 2018

Powelectrics Deliver a Pump Station Control Solution for MOD Knook Camp

Powelectrics has delivered a remote monitoring and control solution to help keep MOD Knook Camp military personnel supplied with water for washing, cooking, heating etc whilst they are in training.

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07 Jun 2018

Powelectrics Collaborate with Angel Trains and Rubirail to Deliver Award Winning Remote Fuel Level Monitoring and Help Keep Virgin Trains On Track

Powelectrics have collaborated with Angel Trains and Rubirail to create a bespoke ‘connected sensor’ m2m solution to monitor fuel levels on Virgin Trains East Coast High Speed fleet and alert them if levels fall below those needed to complete planned journeys.

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04 Jun 2018

No Skating On Thin Ice for Christmas Shoppers!

Powelectrics have delivered a connected sensor solution to monitor external, temporary ice rinks and help ensure that the skating season runs smoothly for Christmas shoppers.

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31 May 2018

Powelectrics Solution Facilitates Civilian Protection at MOD’s Otmoor Rifle Range

A Powelectrics connected sensor solution has been used to improve the warning system used to advise civilians when the Otmoor military firing range is in use. The range borders an RSPB reserve and the new m2m system improves safety and saves many hours for military personnel and wildlife enthusiasts alike.





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29 May 2018

Happy Birthday Powelectrics Weather Station!

Happy 6th birthday to our weather station!!! This solar-powered Metron2 telemetry device has sent data to our MetronView platform, every 10 minutes for 6 years.

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