Sensing and Telemetry News

11 Oct 2006

Inductive Proximity Switches for Temperatures up to 250 �C

The IRT series of inductive proximity switches provides a solution for industrial plants with very high ambient temperatures, such as drying ovens or paint-spray lines.

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22 Sep 2006

Programmable logic controllers with flexible communications

The FPx range of programmable logic controllers are proving to be very versatile when it comes to communications. The FPx PLC range can have multiple serial ports addedand the programming techniques it offers allows easy interpretation of different ASCII strings and gives the users excellent control.

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18 Aug 2006

Two-wire inductive proximity sensors now available

New from Powelectrics is a range of top performance two-wire DC inductive proximity sensors that will reduce the amount of cable and number of connection points in machine design by up to 33% compared to conventional three-wire products. This can represent major cost savings in complex, large process machinery.

Also with two-wire products the control load is connected in-line with the positive lead with the result that NPN and PNP 3-wire format devices are no longer required. This can significantly reduce the number of different sensors that customers need to stock to support production systems reducing inventory cost, particularly on large manufacturing plants such as in the automotive and the food and beverage industries.

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19 Jun 2006

Long range inductive proximity sensors with analogue output

New from Powelectrics is a non-embeddable version of the M30 range of long range inductive proximity sensors that have a sensing distance of zero to 40mm and come with an analogue output, the longest sensing distance of any analogue sensor. The Powelectrics M30 range, introduced in 2005, has four times the sensing distance of conventional sensors. Sealed to IP67, these new non-embeddable sensors will find use in demanding applications and provide a cost effective alternative to expensive digital or encoder position feedback systems. Typical applications will be on height position of machine tables, position datum alignment, transitional speed control, dancer-arm wire tension feedback controllers, reel stand accumulation checking and closing bridge realignment.

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05 Jun 2006

Vortex Flow Sensor

The SDV 652 vortex flow sensor extends the INLINE flow monitor series we already have available. This sensor for flow measurement has an accuracy of 2 percent and is designed for applications for which good linearity of the output signal and greater measurement accuracy are required.

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10 May 2006

Calorimetric flow sensors

Calorimetric flow sensors suitable for monitoring the flow of liquids and gaseous media are available in both mechanical and electronic configurations. The latest trends in industry have shown that calorimetric type flow sensors are becoming increasingly popular when compared to the mechanical vane, paddle or turbine type flow sensor.

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10 May 2006

Microwave level switch

With the new MFC fill microwave level switch, Powelectrics can provide a new solution for monitoring high level alarms in containers. This microwave sensor reacts when the medium makes contact with the sensor tip. It is nearly independent on the type of medium, the container, or the sensor environment. Oils can be detected just as easily as water, lyes, or granulates.

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24 Apr 2006

Rugged Inductive proximity sensors

The 700 seriesof stainless steel, highly rugged inductive proximity sensors is now available in M8 embeddable format. Machined from a single piece of stainless steel that includes the sensing face, the S700 range is the most robust sensor of its type available and solves a major problem of sensor unreliability in harsh manufacturing environments such as the automotive industry. Capable of withstanding extreme impact, high shock levels and resistant to virtually any chemical stress, the S700 range uses a patented, sensor technology known as Condet� that produces a sensing distance that is three times that of conventional sensors of a similar size.

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20 Mar 2006

Proximity sensors

Powelectrics have added the Contrinex range of proximity sensors to their product range and Sales Director Dave Oakes was amazed when he saw the novel demonstration...

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