Sensing and Telemetry News

10 May 2006

Microwave level switch

With the new MFC fill microwave level switch, Powelectrics can provide a new solution for monitoring high level alarms in containers. This microwave sensor reacts when the medium makes contact with the sensor tip. It is nearly independent on the type of medium, the container, or the sensor environment. Oils can be detected just as easily as water, lyes, or granulates.

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24 Apr 2006

Rugged Inductive proximity sensors

The 700 seriesof stainless steel, highly rugged inductive proximity sensors is now available in M8 embeddable format. Machined from a single piece of stainless steel that includes the sensing face, the S700 range is the most robust sensor of its type available and solves a major problem of sensor unreliability in harsh manufacturing environments such as the automotive industry. Capable of withstanding extreme impact, high shock levels and resistant to virtually any chemical stress, the S700 range uses a patented, sensor technology known as Condet´┐Ż that produces a sensing distance that is three times that of conventional sensors of a similar size.

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20 Mar 2006

Proximity sensors

Powelectrics have added the Contrinex range of proximity sensors to their product range and Sales Director Dave Oakes was amazed when he saw the novel demonstration...

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17 Mar 2006

Digital Panel Meters

The Micra range of digital panel meters from Powelectrics are now even more competitive.

With a tri-colour display and standard DIN 96x48 housing the units are flexible and powerful.

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21 Feb 2006

ATEX Flow sensor

ATEX flow sensor amplifier SS 400 Ex serves to evaluate our range of flow sensors for areas where gas and dust explosions may occur according to ATEX. It is classified as category 2 equipment and can be installed and operated in zones 1 or 21. Therefore, the connected flow switch can be set on site to a desired limiting value with the help of the LED array. The relay output of the device can be operated either with type "intrinsic safety" or with type "increased safety" protection. This means that an ATEX approved device can be switched within zone 1 or 21.

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19 Feb 2006

Ultrasonic distance sensors

The new series of P43 ultrasonic distance sensors with small sized housings, narrow ultrasonic beam and short blind zone are opening applications where up to now photoelectric, capacitive or inductive sensors are used.

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