Sensing and Telemetry News

15 Jul 2009

Laser Distance Sensor

Our new laser distance sensor, LDS 72, has high-end lds 72 laser distance sensorfeatures at an economical price. It has a measurement frequency of 1500 Hz, 7 ranges, peak elimination software included for difficult measurement peaks and on the rear there is a teach function for learning the real measurement range between two points at full resolution. 

Powelectrics offer a wide range of sensors for automation including laser distance sensors, proximity sensors, colour sensors and vision systems.

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13 Jul 2009

IP68 Proximity switches

We are now able to offer additional IP68 proximity switches. The renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has tested the Contrinex Series 700 and confirmed that both cable and connector versions of sizes M12, M18 and M30 meet the requirements of IP68 as well as IP69K.   This means that sizes M12 to M30 can be employed under water for a certain time and that they resist cleaning by means of high-pressure water jets.

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01 Jun 2009

Shockproof proximity switches

The IGV series of inductive proximity switches are made rugged inductive proximity sensorsfrom stainless steel and manufactured from one piece. The sensors are highly shock-proof: they easily resist more than ten blows with an impact of eight joules each. One such blow corresponds to a 1 kg weight dropped onto the sensor from a height of 80 cm. They also withstand vibrations, metal cuttings and abrasive media as well as aggressive cooling liquids and lubricants, which makes them ideally suited for use in extremely rugged industrial environments.

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08 May 2009

Vision system with OCR



Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a popular inspection task for industrial Machine Vision systems, e.g. for presence or content checking of serial numbers, use-best-before-dates, or component markings, use-best-before-dates, or component markings. With the new PV530, the successful and industrially proven, high-speed Imagechecker PV500 has been expanded to include OCR.

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10 Mar 2009

Proximity sensors for the food industry

Contrinex has developed a range of rugged inductive proximity sensorsproximity sensors that has been specifically designed for dealing with the hazardous environments found in the food industry.  Although the food handling process itself does not always present an aggressive environment, the cleaning and wash-down routines required to meet hygiene standards usually involve caustic chemicals that can cause severe damage to control sensors.

When a production line is stopped due to failure the in-process products often have to be scrapped and, in many cases, the line has to undergo a time consuming cleaning routine before it can be re-started.  In addition to being extremely expensive, these delays put pressure on production managers to make up quota targets and deadlines after repairs are completed.



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09 Mar 2009

Inductive proximity switch

Inductive proximity switch with an extended temperature inductive proximity switchrange  - the IDST and INST proximity switches are ideal for use in applications with high temperatures and rugged environments, such as steel plants. The proximity sensors are suitable for a temperature range from -25 to +120 °C. They are EMC resistant beyond the requirements of relevant norms, and withstand even interference spectra generated by frequency inverters.

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06 Feb 2009

Inductive all metal proximity switches

Suitable for the detection of all metals the IGB and IDB inductive inductive all metal proximuty switchesproximity switches ensure a constant switching distance. Available as M30 x 1.5 models, IGB sensors provide a 10 or 20 mm switching distance, while IDB sensors which are available with an 80 or 160 mm diameter have a 70 or 150 mm switching distances.

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22 Jan 2009

Contrast Sensor

This contrast senosr allows you to increase processContrast sensor throughput with high-speed, accurate and reliable contrast differentiation. The new KS30 contrast sensor combines small 3mm spot size and 40 kHz fast response to achieve high-speed contrast differentiation of both neutral and colour targets.

The white light LED allows accurate detection of a wide range of colours against any background. Two seven-segment displays provide a visual representation of the relative intensity from 00 to 50. Two gain settings and three LED intensity settings provide for flexible operation over a wide range of conditions. The small spot size allows the resolution necessary to achieve accurate timing and position measurements.

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16 Jan 2009

Inductive proximity switches meet increased requirements

The new IGM line of inductive proximity switches are suitable for indusctiveinstallation in rugged industrial environments which would normally cause problems for standard inductive sensors. IGM sensors have been specially optimized to ensure EM compatibility and withstand interference caused by frequency inverters.

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05 Dec 2008

Ethernet Radio Modem

The ERM4024E is a 802.11b/g compliant Ethernet radio modem operating in the license-free 2.4GHz band. Capable of transmitting data up to 54Mbits/s over distances in excess of 1km (terrain and antenna dependant), the ERM4024E is a reliable and secure unit that provides high-speed wireless Ethernet connectivity across a broad range of applications in the utilities, process control, private and manufacturing industries. It can connect to a range of Ethernet-enabled devices such as PLCs, HMIs, DCS, data acquisition, video and PCs.

The ERM4024E is suitable for both long and short-range applications. A repeater function also helps to increase the wireless range even further.



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01 Dec 2008

Diffuse sensors with analog output

These new rectangular photoelectric diffuse sensors with analog output from Contrinex are characterized by their sensing range from 10 to 100 mm, coupled with excellent temperature stability and outstanding repeat accuracy. The sensing range is independent of the target color or surface structure. In addition, since intermediate digitalization has been dispensed with, the sensors feature a good resolution (see datasheet).

The use of analog sensor technology permits the realization of numerous applications. For instance, the finely adjusted approach to end-point positions at minimum cost, the realization of several switch points with a single device or the monitoring of shaft concentricity. In addition, with a bandwidth of 500 Hz, the sensors also have a voltage output as well as a current output, which gives users great flexibility. These devices are fully potted, equipped with glass windows and comply with the degree of protection IP 67.

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24 Nov 2008

Sensor applications on chewing gum machines

One of the world’s most famous manufacturers of chewing gum recently built and set up a large factory in Poland. It is one of the most advanced food processing plants in Europe.

When the new production machines came out of warranty spare sensors were required and the local Contrinex affiliate became involved. All of the machines were fitted throughout out with Banner products however availability and reliability of the Banner sensors was an issue. Alternative Contrinex inductive sensors with longer sensing distances were used initially to resolve some of the machine problems.   

When that worked out to the 100% satisfaction of the customer Contrinex got increasingly involved where other key problematic problems in the production were concerned. A steady demand for one specific Banner optical fiber had been noticed and so Contrinex asked the clever question, why?

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21 Oct 2008

Safety Light Curtains

Safety light curtains are used wherever risks cannot be

 eliminated through machine design. A person or any part of the body entering a danger zone is detected by the light curtain, leading to immediate machine stoppage. Safety light curtains consist of a sender and a receiver unit that demarcate the protection zone between them.

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21 Oct 2008

Analogue Optical Sensors

These new analogue optical sensors in size 30 x 30 x 15

 mm are characterized by their large sensing range from 10 to 100 mm, excellent temperature stability and outstanding repeat accuracy. The sensing range is independent of the color or surface structure of the object to be detected. In addition, since intermediate digitalization has been dispensed with, resolution of these devices is virtually unlimited.

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21 Oct 2008

Laser sensors

Compared to conventional LED diffuse sensors, laser 

sensors feature improved accuracy. As a result, the switch point of these new devices can be accurately set at any point within the whole setting range of 40 ... 250 mm or 60 ... 600 mm. The narrowly focused laser beam permits the detection of smallest objects (down to 0.1 mm). The diffuse sensors are built into M18 stainless-steel housings and offer long operating distances of 250 mm or 600 mm as well as high switching frequencies of 5 kHz or 1 kHz.

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30 Sep 2008

Two-wire proximity sensors save on installation and running costs

Using proximity sensors in large production plants such  as dairies, breweries and food processing and automotive manufacturing plants can present major technical issues resulting from long cable runs and, because cable prices have quadrupled over the past five years, there are also major cost issues. New, high-performance, two-wire DC proximity sensors reduce the amount of cable and number of connection points required in machine design by 33% compared with conventional three-wire products thus producing major cost savings. Another advantage with two-wire products is that the same sensor can be arranged in either ‘normally open’ or ‘normally closed’ configuration when connecting the control load in-line with the positive lead and so NPN and PNP versions are not required as they are with three-wire devices. This can significantly reduce the number of different sensors that customers need to stock thus reducing inventory cost.

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22 Sep 2008

UV selective fibre optic amplifier

A fibre optic amplifier for use on glass and flexi-glass applications. Normal light barriers cannot be used to detect glass plates because the  red  or IR light will pass striight through. By using wavelengths shorter than 320 nm the glass will not be transparent and the glass between the transmitter and the receiver will switch the signal.


With a range of 1 to 20mm (increases to 100mm in through beam mode) the unit has switched or analogue outputs.


Applications include glass detection, glass sheet postioning and stop postion for glass sheets as well as compact discs.

The sensors will detect glass, quartz glass, glass for windows, CD's and Plexiglass. They will detect a glass sheet as long as it's thicker thn 0.1 nm.





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11 Sep 2008

Radar Level Transmitter

Radar level transmitter offers easy configuration and reliability

With Process Intelligence advanced signal processing, SITRANS LR250 is the new ideal plug-and-play continuous radar level measurement solution from Siemens. This 2-wire, 25 GHz continuous radar level transmitter is so easy to install and configure that you can accurately and reliably measure the level of liquids or slurries in minutes.

The small horn allows installation in existing openings and the concentrated high frequency beam ensures interference from vessel walls is minimal. A high frequency and narrow transmission pulse means the complete vessel capacity can be measured. The SITRANS LR250’s polyester powder-coated aluminum enclosure, encapsulated electronics, glass antenna seal and optional Hastelloy® antenna material make it ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical and hydrocarbon processing applications, including corrosive environments.

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11 Sep 2008

Guided Wave Radar

We are pleased to introduce a new line of guided wave radar level transmitters for liquids, slurries, interface, and bulk solids. The two-wire, loop-powered Hart level transmitter Sitrans LG200 can measure materials with a dielectric range of 1.4 and higher, temperatures up to 427 degrees Celsius (800 degrees Fahrenheit), and pressures up to 6250 psig (431 bar) It offers reliable level and interface measurement in liquids with corrosive vapors, foam, steam, high viscosity, surface agitation, high fill/empty rates, low level, and varying dielectric or density.


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11 Sep 2008

Two wire radar level transmitter for solids

SITRANS LR260, a two-wire radar level transmitter from the Siemens Industry Automation Division, is designed for continuous monitoring and is easy to set up and configure. The new device features Process Intelligence echo processing and 25 GHz pulse technology and is especially suitable for level measurement of virtually any solid medium including cement powder, fly ash, coal, gypsum, flour, grain, aggregates and plastic powder/pellets.

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05 Sep 2008

Proximity Switch Application - Container Crane

A world-famous manufacturer of container cranes has

  captured more than 70% of the world market share in the port machinery industry. 

Rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTG) are one of the customer’s main products. RTGs usually work in container terminals and specialized container stacking yards.


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15 Aug 2008

High temperature proximity sensor

Powelectrics are  pleased to introduce to you  a new range of high temperature inductive proximity switches that have been designed specifically for use in demanding conditions and will reduce costly downtime.

Many manufacturing processes such as furnaces, steel plants, casting machines, engine control, foundries, heat treatment plants, plastic moulding machines, food processing and cooking and baking lines run at temperatures well above 70°C at which most conventional feedback sensors begin to malfunction and fail. 


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04 Aug 2008

Remote Monitoring System

A remote monitoring system, or at telemetry system, is the remote measurement and collection of data, such as meter reading, tank level monitoring or environmental monitoring.

Telemetry is typically used to gather data from distant, inaccessible locations, or when data collection would be dangerous or difficult for a variety of reasons.

Powelectrics specialise is the design, supply, installation, commissioning and support of GSM telemetry and radio telemetry systems.

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23 Jul 2008

New inline flow controller

There is a new inline flow controller in the SDN 552 series of which features a digital display. Just like in earlier models, characteristics for water-glycol mixtures are pre-programmed in the new sensor. In addition, characteristics for other media, such as emulsions, cooling liquids or lubricants can be freely programmed. The flow sensors work on the thermal transfer principal which means there are no moving parts.

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23 Jul 2008

Flow sensors for pressurised and micro flows

Two new flow sensors are available featuring robust  process connections. Both new types are highly resistant to aggressive media and provide fast reaction times. The SDN 503 model detects flows between 1 and 200 ml/min and withstands pressure up to 10 bar.

The SDN 504 DYN model is suitable for micro flow pulses from 0.02 ml/min onwards and pressures up to 20 bar. The sensor ensures e.g. the accurate lubrication of metal sheets before stamping or the minimal lubrication of bearings.

Measured values are continuously monitored by the internal electronics which also generate a switching signal should the flow pulses discontinue. The dwell time can be adjusted in a 0.5...10 s range. Moreover, an integrated LED display shows the current flow status.

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04 Jul 2008

Telemetry helps walk the dogs

When Powelectrics were asked to sponsor a team planning to climb the 4 highest peaks in Scotland, England Wales and Ireland they were only too pleased to help, and it also gave them an opportunity to put some of their telemetry devices to a rather unusual use.

Wooden Spoon is rugby's charity supporting mentally, physically and socially disadvantaged children and young people. Spoon has committed to over £14 million in spending for projects for children and young people. It has organised over 2,000 events and had over 25,000 ties worn by its loyal members and supporters. Hardworking staff and volunteers have achieved all of this since the birth of the charity.

It all began on a fateful day in Dublin in 1983 when England’s Five Nations season ended in disaster with defeat by Ireland leaving them languishing at the bottom of the table.


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23 Jun 2008

Magnetic flowmeters

SDI 852 type electromagnetic flowmeters allow users to continuously monitor the flow rates of many conductive media. The devices now feature a new, otional pulse output: each single impulse corresponds to a defined flow rate. Just like the earlier models, the new sensors can also be fitted with a PNP or an analog output.

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05 Jun 2008

Inductive proximity switches for underwater use

The new IGMO type inductive proximity switchesare especially suited for use in offshore and underwater applications. The units, whose housings are made from PTFE and stainless steel 1.4571, can be permanently installed in depths up to 300 m and withstand pressure up to 30 bar.

The sensor cable is longitudinally water blocked: even in case of damage to the cable sheath or a complete cut through the cable, water will not intrude into the sensor or the control enclo-sure.

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02 May 2008

Precise Level Monitoring

The new MFM series of level monitors are ideal for the continuous monitoring of liquids. It allows users to precisely detect fill levels in plastic or metal containers with a maximal measurement error of 10 mm. The level controllers monitor a wide range of liquids, such as water, oil or emulsions.


Microwaves are transmitted down within the dip stick and upon contact with the medium they are reflected back up. The sensor determines the level within the tank. The units do not need to be adjusted to different media.


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31 Mar 2008

2D Barcode reader

The new 2D Barcode reader has a working range of 100mm and a detection window of 48 x 40mm the ELCR 4840 will detect OCR/OCV and barcodes in 360 degrees.

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26 Mar 2008

Diffuse laser sensors

This new range of diffuse laser sensors allow cost-effective sensing of small objects. These M18, low cost, high precision diffuse laser sensors designed to solve the problem of detecting small components or features during manufacturing processes. This type of detection has long posed difficulties for manufacturing engineers and compact, focussed beam sensors or accurately set miniature fibre optics are often used. However, both these methods require that the sensors are situated close to the target and in many applications there is insufficient space to implement these arrangements. As a result, vision systems are sometimes the only practical alternative but such systems are highly expensive and require a high level of application knowledge for reliable deployment.

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20 Mar 2008

Contractor Award for Telemetry

Powelectrics have received a performance award from one the major water industry framework contractors. Powelectrics design, supply, install and commission radio telemetry systems for Skipton based J N Bentley.

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17 Mar 2008

Intrinsically safe high temperature inductive sensors

We are please to introduce a range of intrinsically safe inductive proximity switches that can operate at high temperatures. Suitable for ambient tempera-tures up to 130 °C, the new IGEXH sensors open up a wide range of new applications for users.

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17 Mar 2008

Wireless Profibus

Using the RM9600 radio modem Powelectrics are pleased to be able to offer wireless profibus solutions. The system works on delicensed frequencies so it's easy to manage and the units can acheive a range up to 20 kilometres.

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14 Feb 2008

Level controllers for hazardous areas

These new level controllers are manufactured on aluminium or stainless steel and are suitable for use in explosive gas atmospheres (zone 0).

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29 Jan 2008

Microwave Level Sensor

Microwave level sensors feature a sensor tip which reacts to contact with a medium. The new MFK series is manufactured from stainless steel and PTFE. The level controllers have a G½ process connection and measure 40 mm.

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15 Oct 2007

colorCONTROL flexible colour sensors

If your application comprises a variety of colours that need to be recognised and involves allocation, packaging, storing or sorting, then the new colorCONTROL range of colour sensors will suit you well. Thanks to numerous innovative features, the new colorCONTROL line of colour sensors offers even greater flexiblity and ease of integration into the production processes.

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13 Aug 2007

High temperature inductive proximity sensors

We are pleased to introduce to our range of high temperature inductive proximity sensors the new IDT inductive proximity switch which can be operated at temperatures up to 250 °C. IDT sensors have an 80 mm diameter and a maxi-mum switching distance of 45 mm.

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26 Jul 2007

Auto-calibration for capacitive level controllers

The new KU amplifier for capacitive level controllers allows users to auto-calibrate sensors by simply pushing one button. The calibration includes the medium as well as mounting conditions, thereby preventing incorrect start-up. An LED line on the device serves to confirm correct auto-calibration. A medium exchange merely requires auto-calibration to be started once – the level controller will be ready for operation again after a few seconds.

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18 Jul 2007

Magnetic Flowmeter

We are please to introduce to our flow sensor range a magnetic flowmeter, the SDI series. These magnetic flow meters are fitted directly into pipes via tube fittings or adapters.

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25 Jun 2007

Microwave level controllers

The new MFC range of microwave level controllers have a sensor tip which reacts to contact with a medium. Users can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor tip by means of a pushbutton which makes it possible to distinguish between different fluid layers in containers (e.g. water and oil), allowing for easy fluid separation.

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10 Jun 2007

Long range high accuracy laser sensors work well for prestige car manufacturer

Long range high accuracy laser sensors from Powelectrics are working well in the production facility of a prestige car manufacturer. The laser sensors are being used over ranges over 1 metre and give an accuracy in the region of microns. This exceptional perfomance proves the quality of the LDS series of long range high accuracy laser sensors offered by Powelectrics.

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01 Jun 2007

Junction box for extreme environments suits Inductive Proximity Sensors

The new aluminum junction box for inductive proximity sensors provides IP68 protection and is well suited for use in rugged industrial environments. Even emulsion fog, which often causes short circuits in conventional terminal boxes, does not pose a problem. The units are designed for a temperature range from -20 to +75 °C. Several sensors can be connected to the junction box via water- and oil-proof plug connections.

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14 May 2007

Capacitive level controllers can be immersed in paint

The new KGF line of capacitive level controllers, which complies with NAMUR and DIN EN 60947-5-6 standards, are well suited to particularly demanding tasks. For example, the sensors are able to monitor the fill level of viscous paint – this often causes problems with other devices since the medium sticks to the sensor and is highly conductive because it contains metal pigments.

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03 May 2007

High temperature inductive proximity sensors

The Powelectrics range of inductive proximity sensors has been further ex-tended to include versions for extreme temperatures by the addition of the new IDT inductive proximity switches which can be operated at temperatures up to 250 °C.

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19 Apr 2007

Shock Proof Inductive Proximity Sensors resist heavy blows

The IGV series of inductive proximity sensors have been further enhanced as they are now highly shock-proof and easily resist more than ten blows with an impact of eight Joule each. One such blow corresponds to a 1 kg weight dropped onto the sensor from a height of 80 cm

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01 Apr 2007

Long range high accuracy laser sensors prove themselves in the Nuclear industry

Long range high accuracy laser sensors from Powelectrics have recently be successfully deployed in nuclear plant. The sensors are being used over ranges up to 400mm and give an accuracy in the ergion of microns. This exceptional perfomance indemanding environments proves the quality and robustness of the LDS series of long range high accuracy laser sensors offered by Powelectrics.

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27 Mar 2007

Microwave level sensor controls fill levels

The new MFC series of microwave level sensors, whose sensor tip reacts to contact with a medium, serves to monitor fill levels in containers.

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19 Mar 2007

Inductive Proximity Sensors for Food

The IGMF range of inductive proximity sensors has been extended to include a newly developed model for the food industry. Thanks to an optimized reduction factor, the sensors are able to detect stainless steel at their maximum switching distance (15 mm).

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31 Jan 2007

Inductive proximity switch ignores aluminum

The new INFW inductive proximity switch ignores aluminium and only detects ferromagnetic materials. Aluminum grit or foil at the sensor's front side do not affect operation. This results in increased reliability and renders frequent cleaning processes unnecessary. Thanks to IP68 protection, the sensors qualify for use in rugged environments (e.g. in production plants) and withstand chemically aggressive substances such as rolling oil. INFW sensors are designed for a temperature range from +10 to +75 °C. They feature a reverse polarity protected PNP switching output and have a maximum switching distance of 13 mm.

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10 Jan 2007

Miniature Ultrasonic Sensors

The miniature ultrasonic sensors of the ARKS series, at 26x40x12 mm, are about the size of a matchbox. They have a switching distance of 25 mm to 250 mm.

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01 Dec 2006

Inductive sensors

Heat-resistant and waterproof inductive sensors in the IGMH series which permanently withstand ambient temperatures up to 160 °C. IGMH series of inductive proximity switches which permanently withstands ambient temperatures up to 160 °C. Manufactured from stainless steel and PEEK, the robust units are waterproof according to IP68 and can be cleaned with high-pressure water jets according to IP 69K. They remain watertight even where the FEP fixed cable is connected. Thanks to their integrated electronics, the inductive sensors do not require a separate amplifier unit. They are especially suited for use in drying kilns or heavy industry applications with extreme environments.

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06 Nov 2006

Level Controller for aggressive fluids

The UFGS level controller for aggressive fluids is an optical fill level sensor with a glass tip. The sensor can be used with liquids such as acids, alkaline solutions, oil, or solvents and cleaning solutions. The sensor reacts upon contact with the fluid and does not have to be adjusted to the fluid.

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06 Nov 2006

Climatic proofed inductive proximity switch resistant to cleaning solvents

The inductive proximity switch IDKW 120 GSP is designed for environments where daily cleaning tasks, also with hot steam, have to be carried out such as in the food industry, for example. This switch can also be installed directly in washers without damage. The proximity switch with an operating distance of 90 mm is designed for permanent ambient temperatures up to 110°C. With an IP68 waterproof rating up to 3 bar and resistance to climate changes, it has a long service life even when exposed to temperature and humidity changes. Furthermore, the sensor's robust polypropylene case resists common alkaline and acidic cleaning solvents and can be cleaned with pressure washers (IP 69K).

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11 Oct 2006

Inductive Proximity Switches for Temperatures up to 250 �C

The IRT series of inductive proximity switches provides a solution for industrial plants with very high ambient temperatures, such as drying ovens or paint-spray lines.

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22 Sep 2006

Programmable logic controllers with flexible communications

The FPx range of programmable logic controllers are proving to be very versatile when it comes to communications. The FPx PLC range can have multiple serial ports addedand the programming techniques it offers allows easy interpretation of different ASCII strings and gives the users excellent control.

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18 Aug 2006

Two-wire inductive proximity sensors now available

New from Powelectrics is a range of top performance two-wire DC inductive proximity sensors that will reduce the amount of cable and number of connection points in machine design by up to 33% compared to conventional three-wire products. This can represent major cost savings in complex, large process machinery.

Also with two-wire products the control load is connected in-line with the positive lead with the result that NPN and PNP 3-wire format devices are no longer required. This can significantly reduce the number of different sensors that customers need to stock to support production systems reducing inventory cost, particularly on large manufacturing plants such as in the automotive and the food and beverage industries.

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19 Jun 2006

Long range inductive proximity sensors with analogue output

New from Powelectrics is a non-embeddable version of the M30 range of long range inductive proximity sensors that have a sensing distance of zero to 40mm and come with an analogue output, the longest sensing distance of any analogue sensor. The Powelectrics M30 range, introduced in 2005, has four times the sensing distance of conventional sensors. Sealed to IP67, these new non-embeddable sensors will find use in demanding applications and provide a cost effective alternative to expensive digital or encoder position feedback systems. Typical applications will be on height position of machine tables, position datum alignment, transitional speed control, dancer-arm wire tension feedback controllers, reel stand accumulation checking and closing bridge realignment.

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05 Jun 2006

Vortex Flow Sensor

The SDV 652 vortex flow sensor extends the INLINE flow monitor series we already have available. This sensor for flow measurement has an accuracy of 2 percent and is designed for applications for which good linearity of the output signal and greater measurement accuracy are required.

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10 May 2006

Calorimetric flow sensors

Calorimetric flow sensors suitable for monitoring the flow of liquids and gaseous media are available in both mechanical and electronic configurations. The latest trends in industry have shown that calorimetric type flow sensors are becoming increasingly popular when compared to the mechanical vane, paddle or turbine type flow sensor.

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10 May 2006

Microwave level switch

With the new MFC fill microwave level switch, Powelectrics can provide a new solution for monitoring high level alarms in containers. This microwave sensor reacts when the medium makes contact with the sensor tip. It is nearly independent on the type of medium, the container, or the sensor environment. Oils can be detected just as easily as water, lyes, or granulates.

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24 Apr 2006

Rugged Inductive proximity sensors

The 700 seriesof stainless steel, highly rugged inductive proximity sensors is now available in M8 embeddable format. Machined from a single piece of stainless steel that includes the sensing face, the S700 range is the most robust sensor of its type available and solves a major problem of sensor unreliability in harsh manufacturing environments such as the automotive industry. Capable of withstanding extreme impact, high shock levels and resistant to virtually any chemical stress, the S700 range uses a patented, sensor technology known as Condet� that produces a sensing distance that is three times that of conventional sensors of a similar size.

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20 Mar 2006

Proximity sensors

Powelectrics have added the Contrinex range of proximity sensors to their product range and Sales Director Dave Oakes was amazed when he saw the novel demonstration...

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17 Mar 2006

Digital Panel Meters

The Micra range of digital panel meters from Powelectrics are now even more competitive.

With a tri-colour display and standard DIN 96x48 housing the units are flexible and powerful.

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21 Feb 2006

ATEX Flow sensor

ATEX flow sensor amplifier SS 400 Ex serves to evaluate our range of flow sensors for areas where gas and dust explosions may occur according to ATEX. It is classified as category 2 equipment and can be installed and operated in zones 1 or 21. Therefore, the connected flow switch can be set on site to a desired limiting value with the help of the LED array. The relay output of the device can be operated either with type "intrinsic safety" or with type "increased safety" protection. This means that an ATEX approved device can be switched within zone 1 or 21.

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19 Feb 2006

Ultrasonic distance sensors

The new series of P43 ultrasonic distance sensors with small sized housings, narrow ultrasonic beam and short blind zone are opening applications where up to now photoelectric, capacitive or inductive sensors are used.

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31 Jan 2006

Inductive proximity sensors

Inductive proximity sensors for ambient temperatures up to 160 °C are available flush and nonflush in the standard M18 and M30 housings.

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08 Jan 2006

Laser distance sensor

As an addition to their range of laser triangulation sensors, Powelectrics have launched a new long-range laser distance sensor. The LDS 400 operates on the “time of flight” principal and can be used for measuring long distances in applications such as robot manufacturing cells, electronic suspension tracks and for controlling rolling processes in the paper, foil and metal industries.

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17 Nov 2005

Amplifiers that can be located in the hazardous area - flow sensors

The Ex-amplifier SS 400 Ex is designed for use with the thermal transfer flow sensors in areas where possible gas and dust explosions can occur in line with ATEX.

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17 Nov 2005

Compressed air flow monitoring

The new inline sensor series LDN is optimally suited to compressed air flow monitoring and blow-clear systems, or to monitor other non-explosive gas flows. The sensor can generally be used to control, monitor, or log airflows within a temperature range of -20°C to +80°C. The sensor is designed for compressed gases up to 20 bar and reacts quickly to flow changes across a broad range (between 0.5..40 m/s). It is installed in pipes using a standard G¼ threading.

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13 Oct 2005

Laser sensors

The LDS 100 series of laser sensors for measuring distance with meaurements ranges up to 4 metres have a resolution of up to 0.002mm.

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21 Sep 2005

Ultrasonic sensors

For use in machine building, materials handling, robotics, warehousing, print & paper and analytical applications the new P43 K series of ultrasonic sensors impress with their small housing, narrow ultrasonic beam angle, small blind zone and low cost.

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10 Sep 2005

Climatic proofed proximity switch

The climatic proofed proximity switch IDKW 120 GSP is designed for environments where daily cleaning tasks, also with hot steam, have to be carried out such as in the food industry, for example. This switch can also be installed directly in washers without damage. The proximity switch with an operating distance of 90 mm is designed for permanent ambient temperatures up to 110°C. With an IP68 waterproof rating up to 3 bar and resistance to climate changes, it has a long service life even when exposed to temperature and humidity changes. Furthermore, the sensor's robust polypropylene case resists common alkaline and acidic cleaning solvents and can be cleaned with pressure washers (IP 69K).

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16 Aug 2005

Level Controller

The level controller series UFGS … now provides an optical fill level sensor with glass tip. The sensor can be used with liquids such as acids, alkaline solutions, oil, or solvents and cleaning solutions. The sensor reacts upon contact with the fluid and does not have to be adjusted to the fluid.

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30 Jun 2005

Programmable Logic Controller

Powelectrics will the hosting a seminar on the 2nd August launching a new programmable logic controller as well as showing clients how to integrate control systems with remote monitoring solutions.

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05 Jun 2005

Flow controllers

The new flow controllers series SDN 552, which adds new models featuring an intergrated digital display for the flow rate to the company´s range of inline flow controllers is well suited to applications involving antifreeze and cooling systems.

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01 Jun 2005

Fibre optic amplifier

When setting-up fibre optic amplifiers you need to be completely familiar with the various steps and features of the product; otherwise you must first read the detailed instruction booklet. In shop-floor applications this can be time consuming, inconvenient and often an issue if the information is not readily available. Imagine a fibre optic sensor amplifier that helps you by scrolling the instructions for setting on its own screen? Contrinex now offers an 8-digit, 14-segment liquid crystal display fibre optic amplifier which does just that. All you have to then do is follow the steps to teach and commission the sensor.


Available in a small DIN-rail mountable housing of only 30mm x 60mm x 10mm, these slim new devices permit optimum stacking, even in large num­bers, especially in systems where space is limited.

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14 May 2005

Powelectrics move provides increase in manufacturing space

Powelectrics have moved and now have space for plenty of space for manufacturing & storage, as well as training and product demonstration.

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18 Feb 2005

Radio Modems

Mitsubishi PLC to PLC communications can now be achieved without wires using the RM9600 radio modems. Bi-directional data transfer, point to point and multi-drop configurations are all possible with the radio modem being configurable for frequency of operation as well as address for additional security. The use of radio modems removes the need for RS-232/485 data cables therefore reducing cost installation and opening up new applications across industrial areas and factories.

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17 Feb 2005

Power supplies

Powelectrics are pleased to introduce a range of power supplies to suit many industrial application. Features include battery connection for backup power supply systems, over voltage protection, over current protection and temperature protection.

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17 Feb 2005


We are pleased to introduce a new series of Ultrasonic distance sensors which are compact in size yet impressive in function.

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16 Feb 2005

Allen Bradley DF1 Protocol over radio

Any Allen Bradley product capable of communicating using the DF1 protocol via the RS232 serial communications ports can be connected without wires using the RM9600 series radio modems. This includes communications between PLC's and PC's running software applications, such as RSLogix and RSView.

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