Sensing and Telemetry News

01 Feb 2005

Radio Modems link dataloggers

Monitoring the position of the Dam supporting Audenshaw Impounding Reservoir is important to the constructors of the final section of the M60 - Manchester Ring Road.

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12 Jan 2005

Your SCADA system is calling

Data acquisition systems are invaluable. They generate significant improvements in efficiency and, by recording process events, they provide a basis for quality control. Efficient data acquisition also highlights potential problems and indicates the most productive way of solving problems.

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02 Jan 2005

Radio modems link mountain top to the internet

Powlectrics have installed a wireless link in one of the most inhospitable locations in the United Kingdom. At Snowdon's summit there is a weather station which is connected to a data logger. A Radio Modem was installed at the summit which was interfaced with this data logger.

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01 Jan 2005

Level Sensors

The monitoring of filling states in liquid gases is possible using the KGFP 050 range of level sensors.

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