Sensing and Telemetry News

01 Jun 2005

Fibre optic amplifier

When setting-up fibre optic amplifiers you need to be completely familiar with the various steps and features of the product; otherwise you must first read the detailed instruction booklet. In shop-floor applications this can be time consuming, inconvenient and often an issue if the information is not readily available. Imagine a fibre optic sensor amplifier that helps you by scrolling the instructions for setting on its own screen? Contrinex now offers an 8-digit, 14-segment liquid crystal display fibre optic amplifier which does just that. All you have to then do is follow the steps to teach and commission the sensor.


Available in a small DIN-rail mountable housing of only 30mm x 60mm x 10mm, these slim new devices permit optimum stacking, even in large num­bers, especially in systems where space is limited.

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14 May 2005

Powelectrics move provides increase in manufacturing space

Powelectrics have moved and now have space for plenty of space for manufacturing & storage, as well as training and product demonstration.

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18 Feb 2005

Radio Modems

Mitsubishi PLC to PLC communications can now be achieved without wires using the RM9600 radio modems. Bi-directional data transfer, point to point and multi-drop configurations are all possible with the radio modem being configurable for frequency of operation as well as address for additional security. The use of radio modems removes the need for RS-232/485 data cables therefore reducing cost installation and opening up new applications across industrial areas and factories.

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17 Feb 2005


We are pleased to introduce a new series of Ultrasonic distance sensors which are compact in size yet impressive in function.

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17 Feb 2005

Power supplies

Powelectrics are pleased to introduce a range of power supplies to suit many industrial application. Features include battery connection for backup power supply systems, over voltage protection, over current protection and temperature protection.

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16 Feb 2005

Allen Bradley DF1 Protocol over radio

Any Allen Bradley product capable of communicating using the DF1 protocol via the RS232 serial communications ports can be connected without wires using the RM9600 series radio modems. This includes communications between PLC's and PC's running software applications, such as RSLogix and RSView.

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