A Mid-Year Update with Powelectrics MD, Dave Oakes

Posted on 26 Jul 2019

It’s been another exciting few months at Powelectrics, so we thought it was time to catch up with Dave!

“Yes, it’s been a fabulous few months …and that’s not even including Manchester City or the Cricket World Cup!!  Whilst we didn’t win a domestic treble we did have a record month as far as enquiries go, so we look forward to record sales in the future!!

The range of applications continues to be diverse, which demonstrates that different sectors are switching on to the need for and the benefits of ‘internet connected sensors. The flexibility of our sensor agnostic solutions means Powelectrics technology can address a vast range of applications.

We are seeing our technology help business not just lower operational costs, lower down time and improve service levels, but facilitate new business models and open up new revenue streams. We are doing this with hardware and software that is well-proven and can therefore be deployed in volume with complete confidence.

Jas has settled in really well and is now fully up to speed on our range of Industry 4.0 solutions. As well as being involved with every activity within our production, he has covered tech support and undertaken a variety of installations.

You will have seen in our news feed that Steph has joined our Admin/Finance team. Now she fully understands our current systems, she will begin the larger task of updating and refining our procedures to  ensure we are super-efficient as we continue to grow.

We have also welcomed two other new team members, so look out for articles introducing Jack and Jen in the near future. It’s fantastic to feel the buzz in the office with all this fresh blood bringing their energy, enthusiasm and ideas to the team!

We have been promoting our ‘connected sensor’ solutions through a range of targeted activities, including a customer seminar for automation customers, focusing on di-soric’s range and the latest IO-Link sensing solutions. It really explored our customer’s needs, how these innovative technologies could benefit them and how Powelectrics can deliver the IIoT solutions they need.

We have established new relationships with international partners, most recently Trans-Auto in Sweden, who will be promoting our award-winning Metron telemetry into Sweden, Norway, Finland & Russia as part of their Oil Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics solutions.

We have engaged with a number of long-term customers and suppliers on collaborative digital campaigns to build on historic success and roll-out new Industry 4.0 solutions on a national and international scale.

Powelectrics were proud to be selected to demonstrate our IoT technology at Porterbrook’s pioneering ‘Innovation Hub’ launched at RailLive 2019. We were honoured by visits from a number of VIPs, including Porterbrook CEO, Mary Grant, Chairman of Network Rail, Sir Peter Hendry and Shadow Transport Secretary, Andy McDonald. This event generated great enquiries and raised Powelectrics profile enormously within the rail industry.

It was followed a month later by the inaugural Rolling Stock Networking exhibition, which further reinforced our relationships with train leasing and operating companies, rail consultants, infrastructure and engineering companies.

At both events, Powelectrics took regular temperature, humidity and CO2 readings and visitors saw live data via our MetronView cloud. It really brought to life how condition monitoring and reliable connected sensor data can provide the knowledge needed to improve safety, reliability and performance!

In this case we used Sigfox hardware, fully integrated to our MetronView platform. There should be 95% coverage of the UK population by the end of this year, which will open this LPWAN technology up to many new metering and other applications.

I am also incredibly excited about the imminent launch of our new m2m telemetry device, Metron4. Amongst its many advantages, it will support 2G, 4G LTE, CatM1 & NB1. Future-proofed and versatile for global deployment …but more on that very soon!

There is a lot happening! Its hard to believe that it will soon be 20 years since our first ‘internet connected’ sensor, going back to a time well before phrases such as IoT, big data, Industry 4.0 and even M2M were in our vocabularies!!

Powelectrics offer 25 years expertise. Our Industry 4.0 solutions are found in many industries around the world including fuel, lubricant and adblue supply, chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive manufacture, food production, waste management, flood alerts, tank level monitoring of every kind, energy metering and condition monitoring of critical assets.

Please get in touch to chat through your applications!

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