Adoption of Private Sewers

Posted on 17 Jul 2015

There is an increasing need for remote monitoring in the UK waste water industry as by October 2016 the sewerage broker, which is typically the local water authority, will take over the responsibility of private drains and sewers as laid out in the DEFRA guidelines. As these assetts are largely unknown quantities then it is important that the water authorities introduce a form of remote monitoring.

As these sites locations are often without power then what better than the Powelectrics Metron device which is battery powered and can easily interface to a several float switches to provide high and high high level alarms. The level alarms provide the water authority with an early indication of an issue witin the sewer such as a blockage and ensure remedial action can be completred in a timely manner before any unpleasant overspill.

The Metron is a compact and robust device with integral wireless communications which faciliates communications over all UK mobile phone (2G) networks. This ability to use multiple networks ensures the bets possible coverage even in remote locations. The solution is eqasy to install and test, and the battery is easy to change.

Powelectrics have 25 years experience in the deployement of wire free remote monitoring equipment and have solutions encompassing low power radio that can be deployed in the event of there being no GSM coverage.

There is a similar adoption policy relating to sewage pumping stations and for this the Powelectrics Metron2 is ideal. This cost effective self contained device not only reduces the cost of hardware but also lowers the cost of installation thanks to it's elegant integral display. The Metron2 has been successfully deployed in a major roll out by Clearwater whose Technical Manager commented “Clearwater were looking for a robust telemetry system and platform to replace our infield monitoring and critical remote alarm equipment. We picked Powelectrics as our preferred supplier and Metron View as our new solution to replace all our infield remote monitoring and alarm systems. Working with the Powelectrics Team is a real breath of fresh air, they listen to our needs, help us with our challenges and provide a really robust solution. They are flexible and understanding – we are quite demanding! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and their solutions – a great company to partner with for our critical system needs.” 

To work in conjunction with their hardware, Powelectrics have a hosted data collection and device management platform, Metron VIEW. Users can view their devices online, receive alarms by email and interface the data with 3rd party softwar solutions via the simple to use API.

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