Amplifiers that can be located in the hazardous area - flow sensors

Posted on 17 Nov 2005
The amplifier is classified as category 2 equipment and can be installed and operated in zones 1 or 21. Therefore, the connected flow switch can be set on site to a desired limiting value with the help of the LED array. The relay output of the device can be operated either with type "intrinsic safety" or with type "increased safety" protection. This means that an ATEX approved device can be switched within zone 1 or 21. The switching signal can be routed from the hazardous zone to the control room outside as well. The unit is designed to meet the requirements of protection type "m" (moulded), "e" (increased safety) and "i" (intrinsic safety). The sensor circuit has the protection 'ia' and is for the connection of a ATEX-certified EGE flow sensor. The unit is supplied with 24V DC. Connecting the device to longer cables requires the housing for screw terminals (parts GKI / GK).
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