Powelectrics Help Protect the Public on Footpath Level Crossings Project for Network Rail

Posted on 12 Mar 2018

Powelectrics remote condition monitoring telemetry has been incorporated into a warning system as part of Network Rail’s Railway Upgrade Plan to provide a safer and more reliable railway.

Covtec are specialists, who design, install, operate and maintain extreme CCTV and surveillance systems for customers ranging from police forces and local councils to large infrastructure operators, such as Network Rail. For this project, they installed solar powered units at level crossings. These reproduce the sound of a train horn and are triggered automatically as a train approaches, providing a secondary warning in case someone at the crossing has not heard the train horn.

In an article on Network Rail’s website, Paul Coleman, South East Route Level Crossing Manager at Network Rail, said: “These new audible warning units are solar powered and don’t require a lot of maintenance, so they’re a practical and efficient way to improve safety at footpath level crossings.”

You can read the full article at: https://www.networkrail.co.uk/feeds/new-warning-system-helps-make-level-crossings-safer-for-people-in-kent-and-sussex/

The Powelectrics connected-sensor solution uses our award-winning Metron telemetry device to verify that the Covtec safety system is functioning correctly. By sending crucial data via the Metron to our MetronView data platform, Network Rail can see that charge system is working, that the system operates EVERY time a train passes and they can receive fault alerts. Powelectrics kit is remotely monitoring the condition of the Covtec safety solution to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

At the time of the Network Rail article the project was in its early stages, but there are now over 170 sites with this safety kit installed.

Powelectrics have delivered a rapidly growing number of approved and proven remote monitoring solutions to the rail industry. Many of these involve RCM or remote condition monitoring to improve longevity and safety and prevent costly service interruption. Applications include:

- Temperature (track, bearings, saloon, battery chargers)

-  Pressure (oil, exhaust, air filters)

-  Flow, vibration and more

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